Make the world a library

I’ve been thinking for a couple of weeks that it’s time to cull my books. There’s only so much room on my shelf, after all—and only so much time. But I’ve been tormented into inaction by a single, persistent question: What should I do with my books?

The answer came to me this afternoon as an ad in Mental Floss magazine.

~ make the world a library ~

The idea behind is very simple: Register your book on the website. Release your book into the wild. Then watch its travels as literate strangers (or future friends!) pass it on and on.

The basic print-it-yourself bookplates are free. But I loved the idea behind BookCrossing so much that I decided to offer a little financial support by paying to create my own custom bookplates.

So … if you should happen across a book bearing this yin-and-yang smiley face, you’ll know where it came from.

And to all those soon-to-be book recipients out there: Enjoy my treasured books—wherever in the world they may end up.


  1. What a genius idea! Just wonderful. I feel happier just knowing this exists, and am going to follow your links as soon as I get a moment. I, too, have any number of books that deserve to be ‘released into the wild’. 🙂

    • The idea of releasing books “into the wild” is quite fetching, isn’t it? I love the notion of setting them free to roam their natural habitat. 🙂

  2. A first-rate idea! Having worked in the library field for many years, I always liked checking on the computer to see the number of checkouts of a particular book and figure how much happiness the book brought to the general public. This is along those same lines.

    • How kind of you to write! I thought this was a brilliant idea, as well. I’ve already set aside a pile of books for “release.” I know that some of them won’t travel far, but I look forward to following their journeys nonetheless. Thanks so much for reading!

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