Fierce-sized beds & Celtic Tigers

A while back I gave my friend Tom (aka., “The Blogfodder”) a live-music recording I’d made during my recent travels. “Not keen on the faux Celtic accent,” wrote Tom. “There’s an undertone of guttural that clashes dully.”

So I wasn’t entirely surprised on Monday when Tom brought me a copy of Maírtín de Cogaín’s album, The Project. “So you can hear a real Cork accent,” Tom said.

I *loved* it—especially the song about the Bridie and the Pole (and the strapping Lithuanian). I also greatly appreciated the liner notes, in which Maírtín told the stories behind the songs.

But one of the discoveries I most enjoyed was Maírtín’s “Beds of the Bard” blog. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the itinerant life of a touring musician? Let Maírtín tell you, with his charming wit:

The waiter was intrigued by my Irishness and the fact that I was a touring musician. ‘Have you a CD?’ he asked. ‘Bobby,’ I said, ‘I have a few hundred in the car with me.’ I was looking to book a hotel in the town on my iPhone but ‘twas too slow. Bobby, fair play to him, said the tea was on him and gave me a Lambert’s Café mug, so I brought him in a CD …

Leaving, feeling good about myself and a biteen refreshed I headed out to the car where upon I noticed that they only take cash which I had none off!!! How quick as a people we have become used to the credit card. I wasn’t far off washing dishes.

And perhaps predictably, my favorite post was about spending Valentine’s Day in Paris with his wife.

To sum up the hotel and the room, I would say that it is lovely and romantic. Very small for a Yank, so used to fierce sized rooms and beds but great for Paris. So close to the places you want to see. The bath was a bit high to step into and the bed was two single beds [two single beds pushed together, what do the people be thinking?]. The view was striking and the staff were great. If Paris has me back again, it is here I will stay.

I sheepishly admit that I’m among the Yanks who are “so used to fierce-sized rooms and beds.” Touché, Maírtín! I hope you will at least give me partial credit for not complaining when the loo is down the hall.

Anyway … what a joy it was to discover someone who has been true to his roots, while still finding his own voice. And a big thanks to Tom for enriching yet another day.


  1. I had to go and check out Maírtín’s blog, and it is definitely bed’s of the bard. It is interesting seeing him go round the world, but in the end, it all depends on the bed.

    • You’re so right, 8able: When one is traveling, it *all* comes down to the bed. Glad you found the concept behind his blog as amusing as I did. Comment va tout à Paris, anyway? Un des mes amis là m’a dit qu’il a fait beaucoup trop chaud …

      • Il fait assez chaud, oui… The Bastille day fireworks at the Eiffel-Tower were beautiful, I was lucky enough to go to a Disneyland’s imagineer’s penthouse apartment on the Champ-de-Mars to see them.

        • Il fait assez chaud à Paris ? Il fait assez chaud à Minneapolis aussi, même trop chaud : on dit q’aujourd’hui on vera au moins 35, peut-être 37. C’est la folie ! And I’m sure you know that you’re very fortunate to have seen the fireworks from a penthouse apartment — on the Champ-de-Mars, no less! You move in much fancier circles that I do, apparement! 🙂

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