One hilariously hostile ringtone

I’ve missed several calls recently because I didn’t hear my phone ringing in the depths of my camera bag. “Why don’t they %^$&*! make ringtones that get progressively louder?” I’ve asked myself each time.

Today I found the answer to my prayers. Granted … it’s not for everyone. But if you want to make sure you never miss another call, I highly recommend Angry Ring-Ring.


It’s available for free on several websites but I got mine from

Not quite your speed? You’ll find lots more angry ringtones—many of them in Tamil—at (My favorite of that lot is “Answer me.” It rather reminds me of what might happen if Will Ferrell and my iPhone had a love child.)

I’ll leave you to savor that image. Back with more tomorrow …


  1. I love it! Thanks. Too bad there is not one that says, “Don’t bother–it’s a jerk on the line.” I have been dealing with family cranks this evening and needed the laugh your ring tone provided!

    • Sorry you’ve been dealing with some family cranks tonight … but I’m glad that ringtone at least brought a smile. Perhaps you can play it over and over for the offending parties? 🙂

    • Always answering with a smile: another great reason to have a funny ringtone. But could you please tell me what the chorus of the laughing policemen might be? Sounds like something Monty Python would cook up. 🙂

      • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ha ha ha ha ho ho …
        All done with a hugh belly laugh. I’m not sure of the rest of the song but the chorus was used on a cuprinol advert recently … copy and paste this …

        • OK: There’s no way to watch that clip without at least racking a smile. Thanks for the day-brightener (and the handy tip, in case I ever need to paint a fence!). 🙂

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