Rumors of my death? Greatly exaggerated.

I haven’t posted anything since October 12 — the longest hiatus in HBlog’s brief history. So I don’t blame some of my readers (and more than a few friends) for wondering whether I’m still alive.

The good news: Yes, I’m very much alive. The bad? I’m also very, very tired.

Yesterday morning I shipped off a manuscript I’ve been ghostwriting for almost nine months. And this morning I shipped off a video script that I penned in about nine hours.

In between, I’ve also authored a handful of brochures, an article or two, a few radio spots, a couple of billboards — by my estimate, some 40,000 words. So I guess it’s no wonder I haven’t felt like blogging.

But it’s time to get back in the saddle. For one thing, I miss interacting with my online friends. And for another, I don’t want anyone to be surprised when I turn up in Europe in a couple of weeks.

The exact itinerary has yet to be determined. But I hope it suffices to say that Paris will figure prominently. (And maybe I’ll make a side trip or two to Italy and Germany?)

In any case, as Mark Twain once wrote, “… the report of my death was an exaggeration.”

I hope to be back soon with even more proof of life.


    • Ahhh, Paris … indeed. What a lucky girl I am! Though it might be better to admonish me to “try to take fewer photos:” I’m still sorting through my images from last time!

    • Hats off to you, Patti, for noticing the “Dia de los Muertos” significance! That’s exactly why I chose the droll little doll as my photo for the day. And thanks especially for your kind note. I’ve missed our online chats.

    • Busy, yes! Shame? None necessary. Rest assured that if I didn’t have bosses and freelance clients and deadlines, I wouldn’t be one-quarter as productive. Though I’d also probably have a much, much higher score on Angry Birds. Grin.

  1. Congrats on the many… whats the right word..?? writing?? & welcome back!! Seems like you have an adventure ahead of you!! I’ll say relax & enjoy every moment of your well-deserved rewards!! 😀 **

    • Many “writings.” Yes, that’s the word. And thanks for YOUR kind words. I am indeed looking forward to my big adventure, just as I look forward to your lovely photos every day. 🙂

  2. Long live H and her writing! But, my friend, you need and deserve a vacation…you’ve been working awfully hard. XOXO

    • Thanks for making my day — no, my MONTH! It would take about three parentheses to equal the grin I’m wearing right now. :)))

  3. No reason to feel bad about taking a (well deserved) break. Lovin’ the pic on this one. Was just in the Mission district of SF for Dia de los muertos. Amazing.

    Take some pics. Again the kluckmeister is jealous of your travels. Though I am going to hawaii in a few weeks. Naner naner.

    • Naner naner?? Ha, ha!

      OK … so I’ve gotta admit I’m envious that you’ll be in Hawaii in a few weeks. I’ve always wanted to go there (and New Zealand, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ireland, and Egypt), but somehow I always seem to end up in Paris instead. It’s almost as if that city has some sort of tractor beam on me! (Not that I’m complaining …)

      I’m also jealous that you got to celebrate Dia de los Muertos in San Fran. Maybe I’m macabre, but it was always my favorite holiday as a kid, when I was growing up in Mexico. I loved the marzipan skulls and the candle-lit vigils and the family dinners. It still seems kinda weird to me that people in the States just put their loved ones in the ground and sort of forget about them.

      On a totally different note: Have you tried the Bumblebee (brand) Spicy Thai Tuna yet? It’s not as far our there as some of your other experimental foods, but it’s pretty tasty. Especially the little peppers that come in each can. Burn, baby, burn!

  4. Yesss, you finished the manuscript! Congratulations! I feel tired just reading about all the work you’ve got done, so no wonder you had no mental energy left over for blogging. (Maybe we only have so many words available to us per day, and you used all yours up? 🙂 )

    Anyhoo, it’s just lovely to see you back here in blogland, rising Dracula-like from the darkness – oh no, wait, like Spiderwoman, judging by your photo. Whatever, welcome back!

    P.S. ‘marzipan skulls’?? Really?!!

    • I like your theory that we only have so many words available per day, DB. I think I must have run up quite a deficit, because I’m *still* not finding much energy for blogging, in spite of my Dracula-like resurrection from the dark depths of the Internet. But Europe is only 10 days away. I suspect I’ll have a word or two to say about that. Grin.

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