Ich bin eine Freiburg Iron Bloggerin !

I was a bit reluctant to leave Paris last November, when I hopped the train to Freiburg. But I soon forgot my misgivings: I fell in love with Freiburg at first sight.

So I wasn’t too surprised this morning to find myself surfing for blogs about this beautiful German city. The first hit was something called “Iron Blogger Freiburg.” I clicked on the link, expecting to find a post about heavy-metal music, or maybe the torture devices in the Augustinermuseum. Instead, I stumbled upon a marvelous blogging project.

Iron Blogger is a group effort that requires the participants to write at least one blog post per week. Otherwise, they’ll have to chip in a “fine”. Every so often, the fines will be converted to drinks collectively.

… I like this idea and invite all bloggers in Freiburg to join Iron Blogger Freiburg!

Freiburg, blogging and beer?! Sign me up!

Alas, there was one hitch: I’m not actually *in* Germany. Not even close.

“I’m wondering whether you’d consider adding someone to your group who doesn’t currently live in Freiburg,” I wrote to Jochen, the group’s organizer, “… but who will be there in September to settle any fines she may incur.”

I was delighted to get Jochen’s response this afternoon. I’m officially a Freiburg Iron Blogger!

Fortunately (für mich und Deutschsprechers everywhere) I’m not required to post in German. Still … I’ve found my motivation to at least try, on occasion—and I’ve found my motivation to start blogging regularly again, too.

A big thanks to Jochen for setting up Iron Blogger Freiburg—and especially for being so gracious to the group’s newest (and most geographically challenged) member.

Prost !


  1. What a brilliant idea! I want to join! Oh, except I’m not in Freiburg and have no plans to get there, at least for this year. Hmm. Well, if this inspires you to grace us with a weekly post, I’ll enjoy it through you instead. Yay!

    • Isn’t it a *brilliant* idea? I’m half tempted to start an Iron Blogger Minneapolis — except that I’ve already pledged my beer money to my new friends in Freiburg. (Grin.) As for posting weakly — I mean, weekly: I’ll do my best! I’m hoping I’ll be more motivated, now that my laziness has a price …

      • ‘Posting weakly’ – snort. You are FAR from weak, either in life or in your writing. You always have thought-provoking or funny things to show us, to share, to write. Believe in you. I do. 🙂

  2. Cool! I’m gonna go out on a limb here and make a statement that I assume might come in handy soon:


    Happy blogging…err…I mean bloggermeisting.

    • Bloggermeisting?! Ha, ha!

      “Not every post has to be amazing,” eh? Thanks for the encouragement, Corey. It’s as if you read my mind. I will repeat your mantra every time I start typing and find myself at a loss for words.

      Bonne soirée !

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