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I’ve been in a bit of a photographic slump lately. So when my friend Jane asked for help with her new camera, I felt like an utter fraud in suggesting a photo safari. I didn’t expect to shoot much when we met up at the Como Conservatory in St. Paul last Saturday: My purpose was […]

A couple of weeks ago my friend and fellow blogger DancingBeastie wrote about the uncharacteristic lack of snow in Scotland. I promised her that my next post would be in her honor, and that it would contain plenty of snow photos. (March is usually the snowiest month in Minnesota, after all …) And yet, as […]

Have you heard about Lukáš Kmit, the Slovakian musician whose performance was interrupted by a cellphone’s ringtone? Many hailed his response as “perfect.” Unfortunately, the Forbes article I read misidentified the instrument as a violin instead of a viola. (A minor detail—but not to my string-playing friends.) So I went looking for another link to […]