A mad craic with The Kilkennys

I’ve been home for more than a month, but I’m still sorting through the photos from my last vacation. I hope you won’t mind an occasional trip back to Europe as I get caught up. Today’s post is about an epic evening with The Kilkennys.

Whenever I plan a trip, I do a bit of research into the music and exhibits that will be playing during my stay. That’s how I knew that The Kilkennys would be in Freiburg, Germany on May 6. But what I didn’t know was that my friends Jan and Sarah had already bought tickets — or that they’d invite me to come along.

Like almost everyone on the planet, I’m one-third Irish. But on this particular Sunday the shy-girl genes trumped the Irish ones. That’s how my German friend Jan ended up on stage after winning the stepdance “competition.”

And that’s also how the Kilkennys ended up joining us at O’Kellys after the show. In the time it took to pour a round of Guinness, almost everyone was holding an instrument.

Sarah grabbed a tin whistle. Michael, with his fiddle, materialized out of nowhere. And soon the jigs are reels were flowing.

Listen: Jigs and reels

Alas … the bodhrán was already taken, so I was content to just stomp my feet and mug for the camera (here, with banjo superstar Robbie Campion).

Listen: Robbie Campion on banjo

By the end of the evening I was hoarse from laughing and singing, and I’d made some new friends. (Vielen Dank, Sarah und Hp!)

What a privilege it was to spend my last night in Freiburg with such talented, gracious people. A huge thanks to The Kilkennys for making it truly memorable. Sláinte, lads!

Listen: Kilkennys “Caledonia”

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