A European shooting spree

It’s been precisely two weeks since I left home for my latest adventure. Since then I have shot exactly 7,926 photos, seen 19 friends, visited 4 cities, and consumed an estimated 3,022,287 calories in beer, wine and fried food. But I haven’t posted a single word to this blog.

Sorry about that.

My excuse is that, over the past two weeks, I’ve had the privilege of spending almost every waking moment with friends. (And I have especially cherished the past few days in Venice with my husband.)

I’ll have plenty of stories to tell in the weeks ahead: The chance encounter in Paris with an Israeli friend; touring the usually-off-limits Luxembourg Palace with my friends Corey and Sarah; singing along with Luka Bloom, flying over the Alps, watching the gondolas go past my apartment window in Venice …

But for now I have time only to post a handful of photos. I’ll leave it to you to write the captions, and to decide which shots come from Paris, Freiburg and Venice.

As always, thanks for tagging along. More to come from Milan!


    • “Any chance I could get Esteban to wine and dine ME in Venice next time?” ABSOLUTELY! In fact, we would be honored. Let’s make it happen. 🙂

      (BTW, thanks for your kind words — but the best photos are yet to come. Yes, seriously.)

    • Thank you, Jim! I’m usually pretty mindful of my diet, but when you’re sitting in a biergarten overlooking the Black Forest, well, you’ve *gotta* cut loose a bit. Ditto with the currywurst that accompanied the beer. *BURP.* 🙂

    • Aw, thank you! I’ve missed you too! Sorry to be such a stranger, but I’ll be back soon. Tell Nikita and Bella I say hi!

    • You’re not missing much by being a lazy so-and-so, Scott! The only reason I bounded out of bed at 5:30 was to catch the twilight. Most days it wasn’t really worth it, to be honest, but it was at least interesting to see the ant-like activity that most of the tourists never see. It really gave me an appreciation for the logistical miracle that takes place in Venice every day, because everything has to be brought in by boat — or on foot. Speaking of travels, though: When are we going to see some of YOUR photos and hear some of YOUR tales? I’m on pins and needles over here! 🙂

  1. The old passage picture is great (along with the rest, of course)! Can’t wait to see the other 7,909 photos, though I’m sure there are much more than that at this point.

  2. Ooh, lovely, lovely. The Venetian ones look deliciously familiar to me now, having just returned from there meself. I didn’t get up before 7am while there, but even I managed to catch and marvel at the ‘logistical miracle’ of Venice: the postman travelling on the vaporetto, the ice-cream boat supplying the cafes, the bundles of paper being lowered onto the recycling boat…It does make the high prices of the city a little less painful, realising what has to be done to keep the place running so well.
    Can’t wait for further words and photos from your travels! 🙂

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