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In some ways, 2012 has been one of my worst years yet. But in many others it’s also been one of my best. Here are a few of my happy photographic memories — along with my wishes for a very happy, very healthy year ahead. Cheers! In January, we rang in the new year with […]

It’s now been three months since I returned from Venice, and I’m still sorting through my photos. But here’s the second installment of what I have so far. Missed the first? Check out The Life Aquatic. Today, Venice is a mere shadow of her former beauty. Centuries of tides and sea water have taken their […]

Today, millions of families will gather in joyful celebration — but many will miss a loved one who is either absent or lost. For everyone out there who is celebrating a bitterwsweet holiday today, I offer the beautiful words of Camille Gage. Merry Christmas. A song to the stars in times of darkness Last Sunday […]

Apocalypse not


Did you hear that the world ended on December 21? Yup, it’s true. In case you were living in a cave and missed the apocalypse, it was “predicted” by the Mayan calendar, which ended on December 21, 2112. The days leading up to the apocalypse reminded me of that scene from Ghostbusters in which Dan […]

Some people call me the Don Quixote of the Latin Quarter because my head is so far up in the clouds that I can imagine all of us are angels in paradise. George Whitman wrote those words on the chalkboard outside his bookstore on January 1, 2004. George Whitman, who died in Paris a year […]



12-12-12 is the last fully sequential day any of us will see. That’s why, today, people all over the planet are documenting something about their life and contributing their footage to a project called One Day on Earth. Check it out!

Exactly one week after I forced myself to go for a photo stroll in thick fog, this morning I forced myself to get out of bed, put on three layers, and slog through a mile of snow to take some more pictures. “WHY??” you might ask, as my husband did. “Because otherwise I’ll get depressed,” […]

I’ve barely posted a word about Venice since I returned two months ago — because I’m still sorting through my photos. But over the next few days I’ll give you a guided mini-tour of what I have so far. Here’s the first installment. It’s improbable that Venice should exist at all: The city is literally […]

“Freezing fog advisory tomorrow,” wrote a photographer friend on Saturday night. “Charging my batteries!” I fired back. On Sunday morning, I fully expected to wake up to hoarfrost — a Minnesota winter phenomenon as beautiful as it is rare. But instead of looking like this … … the road to my favorite photo spot looked […]

A story ran in the New York Times the other day about a cop who encountered a barefoot homeless man in Times Square. “It was freezing out and you could see the blisters on the man’s feet,” [Officer Lawrence DePrimo] said in an interview. “I had two pairs of socks and I was still cold.” […]