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I went kicking and screaming, the first time I saw Paris. “Oh, come on,” said my husband. “You’ll love it!” But I was unconvinced. I’d heard the stereotypes — the French hate Americans; Parisians are fashion snobs; Paris is a filthy, stinky place — and I was intimidated by the language barrier. But Esteban ignored […]

Across the United States today, banks are closed and businesses idled as Americans observe the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., who 50 years ago shared his dream — and hope — for a nation divided by inequality. 3 I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today […]

Every year, one of the companies I write for puts out a calendar for its representatives. And every year, the calendar rakes in a bunch of awards for everything from the concept and design to the color reproduction. So when the art director suggested last year that we “pitch” the idea of an all-Munro-photo calendar, […]

Yesterday I got the news that a former colleague committed suicide. I didn’t know Larry Oakes very well in my days at the Star Tribune. Mostly, he worked out of the Duluth bureau — but occasionally he’d call the news desk in Minneapolis and ask me to transcribe a story. I remember him as a […]

Public-domain illustration via saamiblog on Flickr. Font: Dominican, via Text adapted from multiple sources, including First People.