“Freshly pressed,” in another sense

Every year, one of the companies I write for puts out a calendar for its representatives. And every year, the calendar rakes in a bunch of awards for everything from the concept and design to the color reproduction.

So when the art director suggested last year that we “pitch” the idea of an all-Munro-photo calendar, I never thought our clients would buy it. I’ll skip to the punch line: They bought it.

We went to the press check over the Christmas holiday. (I’m the one holding the camera.)

Press check 1010025 FB

Press check 1010027 FB

It was fascinating — and a tremendous ego boost — to see my images rolling off a giant Heidelberg press. Never mind that the first run landed in the recycling, thanks to a disconcertingly purple sky.

Press check 1010023 FB

But nothing could have prepared me for the satisfaction of holding the calendar and seeing my photos printed and bound, ready to ship all over the country. As much as I may love my digital life, there’s still something about the printed word — or image, in this case — that seems more lasting and more “real.”

Thanks to all of you who have accompanied me on my past journeys, and who know the stories behind these images. And an even bigger thanks to those of you who will stick around for my future adventures. (Hint: The next one is coming up in less than three weeks.) Until then, I leave you with a few of my favorite travel pin-ups.

Questar Notre Dame sunrise BLOG
Notre Dame Cathedral • Paris, France
Questar Reykjavik Iceland Viking ship BLOG
Sólfar (“Sun Voyager”) Sculpture • Reykjavik, Iceland
Questar Marche aux fleurs BLOG
Marché aux Fleurs • Paris, France
Questar Hever Maze BLOG
Hever Castle • Kent, Great Britain
Questar Louvre BLOG
Louvre Museum • Paris, France
Questar Gondola workshop BLOG
Squero di San Trovasi • Venice, Italy
Questar Grand canal pano BLOG
Grand Canal • Venice, Italy
Questar Galeries Lafayette BLOG
Galeries Lafayette • Paris, France
Questar Jüweliergaschäft BLOG
Der Altstadt • Freiburg, German
Questar Munster Market BLOG
Markt auf dem Münsterplatz • Freiburg, Germany
Questar Ganter pano BLOG
Der Ganter Bier-Express • Freiburg, Germany
Questar Vittorio Milan
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II • Milan, Italy
Questar View from Ely BLOG
Ely Cathedral • Ely, Great Britain
Questar Iceland country church BLOG
Þingvellir National Park • Iceland


    • “Awesome” was exactly the word that came to mind, as I saw those pages roll off the press — but it seemed a little self-congratulatory for the blogosphere. 🙂 But you’re so right that there’s nothing like seeing one’s work in print!

      • Thank you for your encouragement! I noticed many shots of Europe, especially France, in what you shared. It’s hard to make France look ugly! 🙂

        • It’s indeed hard to make France look ugly, which is maybe why it’s one of my favorite photography destinations. That said, with each visit I’ve become more and more drawn to Paris’ shadow side — the poorer neighborhoods and the marginalized immigrants most tourists never see. I’m excited to see what this curiosity will yield.

    • How funny you should ask, Mark … Eastern Europe does indeed appear to be on the menu for this November! But the next trip will take me back to Paris. Any chance you and Melody will be passing through? 😀

  1. That is wonderful!!! Congrats!! You must be beaming!! The photos are sooooooooooooo good!! I can absolutely see why they would make an “all-HBlog” calender!! 😀 **

    • Thank you so much!! It’s probably the one-and-only time in my life that someone will publish and all-HBlog calendar, so I must confess I’m pretty happy. I can’t wait ’til my parents get their copy. 🙂

    • À bientôt, bien sûr !! Et j’espère que tu seras là pour partager quelques de mes petites aventures. La première s’agitera de retrouver le Msr. Stephen “Plays Bach with Authority” Lyman à la rue des Barres. 🙂

  2. WOW, H, that is so cool, congratulations! Your shots are so beautiful and you make it look effortless, as if the whole world is beautiful through your eyes. 🙂 Go you!

    • I am very honored that such a highly visual (and cultured!) person as yourself would like my photos, Jarrett. Thank you very much for your kind words.

    • Merci infiniment, Msr. Xpat. You’re far too kind, as usual! But this small accomplishment really is something I’ll treasure for a long time. I feel very lucky to have had such a great opportunity.

  3. Many congratulations, great work. I especially love the pictures of Paris – but that won’t come as a surprise! I see that you are planning to come to Paris. Would love to meet up. Maybe we could do a soundwalk together. Your pictures and my sound would make a great joint blog post. What do you think?

    • What do I think about meeting you and doing a joint blog post? I’m speechless, honestly. I would be SO honored! Please contact me at hmunro [arrobas] earthlink [point] net to coordinate something. Merci infiniment !!

  4. I’m reading some of your past posts, and it’s clear I’ve missed so much. You have a calendar! I’m tickled pink, as my mom used to say. Your photos are absolutely stunning. It’s no wonder they wanted a Heidebee Calendar.

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