Paris: 9 days in 10 shots

I fully intended to blog every day, during my most recent (and tenth) trip to Paris. But the days were so full — and the nights so short — that I hardly had time to edit my photos, let alone write.

More than any of my other previous visits, this trip to Paris felt like coming home. I spent most of my time with the friends I’ve made over the years. I also had the wonderful privilege of meeting a fellow blogger and having coffee with one of my favorite authors. I delivered an estimated 20 pounds of assorted goods (including two boxes of Lucky Charms to a Welsh guy). And on my busiest day, I walked about 24 miles. Or so said my pedometer.

I’ll tell all of those stories soon. But for now, here are my nine days in 10 frames.


Saturday, January 26 • I’d been undecided about going to Paris, until the morning I dreamed I was photographing her in the snow. I thought my dream would come true as I read French Frye’s reportage. Alas, this patch in the Buttes Chaumont was all that remained by the time I arrived. But at least I finally got to see snow in Paris.

Butte Chaumont ducks 1010213 BLOG


Sunday, January 27 • As evening fell, I hopped on the Grande Roue for a panoramic view of the city. Below are the Tuileries gardens, with the Louvre on the horizon.

Louvre from Grane Roue 1010912 BLOG


Monday, January 28 • I took the train to Reims with my friends Alison, Chris and Silke. We spent a the day visiting the cathedral, enjoying a fine lunch, and touring the Pommery champagne cellars.

Reims cathedral 1020170 BLOG CX


Tuesday, January 29 • I felt very privileged to meet a fellow blogger. In a few hours, he forever changed how I perceive Paris. More on that — and a joint blog post about Notre Dame — coming soon!

Notre Dame window 1010413 BLOG


Wednesday, January 30 • I spent the morning with my dear friend Annabelle and the evening with my dear friend Mo. In between, I stopped to watch the kids tear around among the sculptures at the Palais Royal.

Palais Royale 1020448 BLOG


Thursday, January 31 • I met my friend Corey (better known as “French Frye“) in the Marais. Our initial quarry was a supposed Musée de la Serrure, but apparently it’s closed. So instead we ended up at the Breizh Café — the best crêperie in Paris, some say — and then took a stroll through the Musée Carnavalet.

Crepe and Corey 1020743 FB


Friday, February 1 • Crazy-busy day! I started with a tour of the Chateau de Vincennes because, well, it was right down the street. Then I went to Montparnasse to see a street-art exhibit. Then I met my friend Geraint for a pint and some dinner. I didn’t mind the rain as I walked home through the Place Dauphine (shown below).

Place Dauphin 1030601 BLOG


Saturday, February 2 • I enjoyed a drippy stroll through St. Germain before meeting one of my favorite writer/photographer duos, David Downie and Alison Harris, for coffee on the Île St. Louis. After basking in the honor, I meandered to Montmartre, where I got utterly soaked. But that didn’t stop me from braving the bus to Gentilly for a tajine dinner — and my first all-French party — with my friend Mo and his pals.

Cafe a la pluie 1030777 FB


Sunday, February 3 • Armed with only three hours’ sleep, I started my morning at Notre Dame, where I got to see (and touch!) the new bells. Then I upheld my tradition of visiting the Père Lachaise cemetery on my last day in Paris — but this time with four dear friends. Talk about a wonderful send-off.

Pere Lachaise LeNoir 1040826 FB


Sunday, February 10 • It’s now been a week since my last day in Paris, and I’m half a world away. But I cherish my memories — and I look forward to telling the many stories that are yet to come. Back with more soon!

Vincennes lamp 1010262 BLOG


  1. Ooh what a tantalizing appetizer of a recap here…can’t wait to see & hear more! Love the Tuileries photos. Love the Place Dauphine and rainy menu photos. In fact the Place Dauphine one has that x-factor for me, elle est magnifique!

    • You’re very welcome, Kavita! And thank YOU very much for taking the time to visit and comment. I really appreciate it!

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