Paris: 9 days in 10 shots


I fully intended to blog every day, during my most recent (and tenth) trip to Paris. But the days were so full — and the nights so short — that I hardly had time to edit my photos, let alone write.

More than any of my other previous visits, this trip to Paris felt like coming home. I spent most of my time with the friends I’ve made over the years. I also had the wonderful privilege of meeting a fellow blogger and having coffee with one of my favorite authors. I delivered an estimated 20 pounds of assorted goods (including two boxes of Lucky Charms to a Welsh guy). And on my busiest day, I walked about 24 miles. Or so said my pedometer.

I’ll tell all of those stories soon. But for now, here are my nine days in 10 frames.


Saturday, January 26 • I’d been undecided about going to Paris, until the morning I dreamed I was photographing her in the snow. I thought my dream would come true as I read French Frye’s reportage. Alas, this patch in the Buttes Chaumont was all that remained by the time I arrived. But at least I finally got to see snow in Paris.

Butte Chaumont ducks 1010213 BLOG


Sunday, January 27 • As evening fell, I hopped on the Grande Roue for a panoramic view of the city. Below are the Tuileries gardens, with the Louvre on the horizon.

Louvre from Grane Roue 1010912 BLOG


Monday, January 28 • I took the train to Reims with my friends Alison, Chris and Silke. We spent a the day visiting the cathedral, enjoying a fine lunch, and touring the Pommery champagne cellars.

Reims cathedral 1020170 BLOG CX


Tuesday, January 29 • I felt very privileged to meet Des Coulam, author of the wonderful Soundlandscapes blog. In a few hours, he forever changed how I perceive Paris. More on that — and a joint blog post about Notre Dame — coming soon!

Notre Dame window 1010413 BLOG


Wednesday, January 30 • I spent the morning with my dear friend Annabelle and the evening with my dear friend Mo. In between, I stopped to watch the kids tear around among the sculptures at the Palais Royal.

Palais Royale 1020448 BLOG


Thursday, January 31 • I met my friend Corey (better known as “French Frye“) in the Marais. Our initial quarry was a supposed Musée de la Serrure, but apparently it’s closed. So instead we ended up at the Breizh Café — the best crêperie in Paris, some say — and then took a stroll through the Musée Carnavalet.

Crepe and Corey 1020743 FB


Friday, February 1 • Crazy-busy day! I started with a tour of the Chateau de Vincennes because, well, it was right down the street. Then I went to Montparnasse to see a street-art exhibit. Then I met my friend Geraint for a pint and some dinner. I didn’t mind the rain as I walked home through the Place Dauphine (shown below).

Place Dauphin 1030601 BLOG

Saturday, February 2 • I enjoyed a drippy stroll through St. Germain before meeting one of my favorite writer/photographer duos, David Downie and Alison Harris, for coffee on the Île St. Louis. After basking in the honor, I meandered to Montmartre, where I got utterly soaked. But that didn’t stop me from braving the bus to Gentilly for a tajine dinner — and my first all-French party — with my friend Mo and his pals.

Cafe a la pluie 1030777 FB


Sunday, February 3 • Armed with only three hours’ sleep, I started my morning at Notre Dame, where I got to see (and touch!) the new bells. Then I upheld my tradition of visiting the Père Lachaise cemetery on my last day in Paris — but this time with four dear friends. Talk about a wonderful send-off.

Pere Lachaise LeNoir 1040826 FB


Sunday, February 10 • It’s now been a week since my last day in Paris, and I’m half a world away. But I cherish my memories — and I look forward to telling the many stories that are yet to come. Back with more soon!

Vincennes lamp 1010262 BLOG

8 Responses to “Paris: 9 days in 10 shots”

  1. Ooh what a tantalizing appetizer of a recap here…can’t wait to see & hear more! Love the Tuileries photos. Love the Place Dauphine and rainy menu photos. In fact the Place Dauphine one has that x-factor for me, elle est magnifique!

    • 2 hmunro

      You like that Place Dauphine photo, eh? I’ll admit that so far, it’s my favorite from this trip. Although I didn’t much care for the wind during my visit, I really do fancy Paris in the rain. And I hear that now you have snow again, yes? Oh, mais je suis jalouse !!

  2. Great photos. You really had an action packed few days! Really looking forward to seeing you again next time.

  3. wow ..thanks for sharing this awesome trip as this way people like me who havn’t been there yet can have a feel …

    • 7 hmunro

      You’re very welcome, Kavita! And thank YOU very much for taking the time to visit and comment. I really appreciate it!

  4. I’m not a fan of crepes, but those look yummy!
    Thanks for the quick trip to Paris, it’ll have to do until I can go back.

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