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It’s been four months since I came home from holiday to find a gutted house. At first the repairs were rapid, as the salvage and demolition crews worked side-by-side. But in recent weeks the progress has been slow and full of surprises: Asbestos in the basement, poor plumbing in the kitchen, weird wiring in the […]

I’m the first to admit it: I dressed kind of weird when my family moved to Minnesota from Peru. My innate lack of style — and years of wearing the state-mandated gray school uniform — somehow led me to believe that green-and-white plaid pants were OK. Of course, my pants were not OK. Neither was […]

Because I love travel and photography, friends often ask for travel-photography advice. I’m always happy to help, even if I feel like a fraud: I’ve never taken a formal photography class, nor have I mastered even the basics. Still, here are some ideas I’ve picked up along the way — with a special shout out […]