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In my part of the world, Halloween is the most schizophrenic of holidays: To some it’s a carnival of candy and costumes; but to others it’s a festival of the macabre. In an effort to be ecumenical, tonight HBlog will celebrate both Halloweens. Let’s start with the Dark Side. (Because, really, don’t you love a […]

For almost one year, a friend has been inviting me to visit the house he bought last October in Stockholm, Wisconsin (population: 66). It’s only about 75 miles from my home, but — because of everything from winter snowstorms to indoor rainstorms — the timing was never quite right. Until yesterday. I was behind the […]

Back in February, I wrote a quick synopsis of my trip to Paris and promised I’d “be back with more soon.” Does *eight months later* count as “soon”? I’m hoping you’ll take a long-term view and forgive my long absence. Bien, alors … Those of you who know me know how much I love Paris […]

Chalkboard cards and signs seem to be all the rage these days. And although I tend to avoid most trends, I’ll admit I rather fancy this fad. This morning I was brainstorming titles for a script I’m editing, when I stumbled upon this quote: It’s a bit simplistic, but it really hit home. I decided […]

Fall is my favorite season in Minnesota. I love the crisp air and the clear, dark nights. I love the instinctive drive to gather food and blankets. But most of all I love the colors — and the light. The leaves are subdued so far this year, muted by a dry and hot summer. Maybe […]