The trees are my temples

Fall is my favorite season in Minnesota. I love the crisp air and the clear, dark nights. I love the instinctive drive to gather food and blankets. But most of all I love the colors — and the light.

The leaves are subdued so far this year, muted by a dry and hot summer. Maybe that’s why I noticed the soft sunlight breaking through this bit of birch bark, giving it the radiance of a stained glass window.

In the words of Mikhail Gorbachev, “Trees are my temples and forests are my cathedrals.”

Birch at Como Lake BLOG


        • I’ve noticed that the perceived duration of a season is directly proportional to how comfortable that season is. The Mexican summers of my youth seemed intolerably long, whereas — now that I’m in a more moderate climate — the summers seem to fly by in Minnesota, but winter lasts forever. Hmmm. Maybe I should move to the equator?

          • You’ve hit the nail on the head! If only the summers here too would be warm on end for at least 4 weeks, I’m sure the winters wouldn’t feel so long. Growing up in South Africa, the summers felt pretty long too.

    • I still think he’s underrated — both as a leader, and as a man. Perhaps precisely because he was never much of a biter. 😀

    • Thank you, dear Pollyanna! I love the quote, too — it reminds me of what a wondrous thing it is to walk among a stand of trees. In our modern lives, it’s easy to forget such simple pleasures.

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