Celebrating both Halloweens


In my part of the world, Halloween is the most schizophrenic of holidays: To some it’s a carnival of candy and costumes; but to others it’s a festival of the macabre. In an effort to be ecumenical, tonight HBlog will celebrate both Halloweens.

Catacombs 1020213 BLOG

Let’s start with the Dark Side. (Because, really, don’t you love a good ghost story?) Mine isn’t really a story, so much as a single image:

Ghost 2 1050486 BLOG

I shot this in Paris’ catacombs in January, 2009, but ignored this frame when I chose the photos for my article in the Star Tribune. In fact, it wasn’t until I was working on my book about the catacombs that I noticed something strange:

Ghost 2 detail 1050486

What the heck is it? I have no idea, but if I let my imagination wander I could swear it’s a … well, I’m sure there’s a rational scientific explanation.

Alright, then. On to the hyperglycemia!

Alas, I have no candy. But instead I offer you the Official 2013 Halloween Census Tally Sheet, courtesy of my friend Craig. (It’s missing a category titled “dinosaurs,” as I pointed out to Craig’s dismay. So if you’re visited by Barney — or the Loch Ness Monster — just tally them as a “mythical creature.” Or “non-specific royalty,” I suppose, if you think monarchies are an anachronism.)

Halloween Census

Happy Halloween!

8 Responses to “Celebrating both Halloweens”

  1. I see a child and the profile of a man on the wall to the left. Strange photo indeed!

    • 2 hmunro

      I think the profiles on the wall may be shadows, cast by the reflection of another tourist’s camera flash. But maybe I’m missing something because I’m so mystified by the *other* floating shadow, near the middle of the frame. 🙂

  2. I love how the steps in the middle photograph are fashioned like the bottom half of a set of dentures. Very drole !!!

    • 4 hmunro

      Ha ha, Xpat! What can I say, except that you *do* have a gift for seeing things from a different perspective? This is probably one of the reasons you’re a great photographer.

  3. I’m surprised that pirates wasn’t on that list– that’s what my son was and he wasn’t the only one. I did see a lot of others on there, though, but there definitely wasn’t a hobo, haha.

  4. 6 hmunro

    Ah, Sincerely Kate! You are so correct … pirates really should be on the list. Arrrr! Well, we’ll add it for next year. (Along with medical professionals, as another reader pointed out.) Hope your little pirate had a great time and got lots of loot!

  5. You have the better of me here. I have yet to descend into the catacombs but you have whetted my appetite. I can almost hear the sonic tapestry already.

    • 8 hmunro

      I think the catacombs would be a fascinating sonic experience! To that end, please check your email. I wish to propose an idea, if it would intrigue …

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