Carpe autumnus

It’s been a strange fall in Minnesota: The leaves have been muted this year, and it’s been unusually warm. So warm, in fact, that last week we had two days of dense fog.

But nothing lasts long in this part of the world (except maybe winter). The leaves are mostly gone now, victims of last weekend’s winds — and tomorrow we’ll get our first snowstorm.

In hindsight, I’m grateful I seized this less-than-perfect day last week for an afternoon’s walk in the woods.

Fogbound 1000088 BLOG

Fogbound 1000093 BLOG

Fogbound 1000102 BLOG

Fogbound 1000105 BLOG

Fogbound 1000120 BLOG

Fogbound 1000148 BLOG

Fogbound 1000200 BLOG


    • Aw, Deborah … sorry about the homesickness. But if it helps any, here come the howling winds and the long, dark nights of winter! Ugh. 🙂

      • The homesickness passes quickly, but I will still have your photos to look at. It’s just that I sometimes miss the four seasons with the brilliant autumns. People say there are four seasons here in Taiwan, and I can sort of “see” that, but without the vibrant colors and a little snowfall in the winter, it’s just not the same. 🙂

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