I feel upbeat. (What’s *wrong* with me?)

This winter is on pace to become one of the worst in recorded history, and yet I remain unnaturally upbeat.

There are three possibilities: (1) I’m high on snowblower fumes; (2) The cold has damaged my brain; or (3) I am actually asleep, and will soon awaken to discover that I’ve lost my toes to frostbite.

First, let me set the stage. As of Thursday the Twin Cities have experienced 46 nights below zero. … [and] with at least 2-3 more nights of subzero fun, I suspect we’ll wind up 3rd on the all-time list.” So wrote meteorologist Paul Douglas, helpfully adding that “… it takes some mental toughness to accept what some long range models continue to spit out.”

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 1.39.09 PM

I didn’t need much mental toughness to deal with last week’s snow — but what ensued was another matter. A week later downtown still looks bleak, and the streets are still sheets of ice …

Masonic center 1100376 BLOG

Icy street 1100388 BLOG

Icy streets 1100384 BLOG
How the street looks to the casual passerby
Icy streets lines 1100384 BLOG
How the street feels when you’re driving

… and earlier today, as more snow arrived, a serious pileup actually closed an interstate highway.


Some of my friends are resorting to humor as a coping mechanism.

Facebook cold post 2


Facebook cold post

Me? I’m trying to adapt. For instance: Because my 1989 VW doesn’t have traction control, commuting by car is suicidal. So instead of driving to work I’ve been taking the bus for the past week.

Yes, I’ve gotten very (very!) cold when the temperatures look like this, and the bus is a half-hour late.

Temps in f and c

But I’ve also watched my stress level plummet, and I’ve discovered that it’s wonderful to spend some time outside every day — even if it hurts.

So there you have it: My annoyingly upbeat weather streak continues! But please stay tuned. I’ve got to crack eventually, and when I do it will be SPECTACULAR.


    • Wow, you’re easy to impress! 😀 But don’t put me on a pedestal just yet … March is usually the snowiest month, and it starts tomorrow! Warm wishes to you from Minnesota, Patti.

    • Thanks for always being so supportive, Tom! (Though honestly it surprises me a bit that you’d condone snowblower-huffing. Haha!!) Hope you’re staying warm in your corner of the world.

  1. When our daughter started to drive, I gave her my car and started taking the bus to work in winter. I wasn’t being selfless,for what it’s worth, it was so I didn’t have to do the gymnastics car pool driving. Anyway, yes, taking the bus in winter was a super stress reliever, I agree. Even short drives on those roads is a headache. Good idea!

    • “Even short drives on those roads is a headache.” Well said, sir! Of course, biking in Bulgaria is no picnic, either: At least here I’m not regularly chased by packs of wild dogs. 🙂

  2. What is a snow blower??? haha. Yes we get snow in Christchurch, NZ, but only about 2cm of it, if we’re “un”lucky!

    If it makes you feel any better (and you’re upbeat already), it’s supposed to be summer (okay, first day of autumn) here in NZ and we had 9 degrees and torrential rain 2x this week, and are going down to a 4 degree low tonight (that’s celsius). We have had a rubbish summer…. looking at the winter you are all having in the north I’m a bit concerned that I’m already wearing thermals … I can usually manage until ANZAC day dawn parade (25 April and it’s a 5.30am start) before they come out! Keep warm and stay upbeat – what a great mindset.

    • I don’t know whether it’s reassuring or deeply upsetting that the entire globe is having weird weather, Susan — but trying to make the best of it definitely helps. Best wishes for a slightly better rest of the summer!

    • Thank you very much, Mariano! And I’m relieved to report that “the big melt” has begun, so spring is finally on its way. Hope the same is true in your corner of the world, too.

    • Oh, make no mistake, Rochelle … there have been a few tears! But fortunately, nothing a bit of cussing couldn’t solve. 😉

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