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Yogi Berra’s aphorism may be funny, but it rang true on December 31 as I pondered the year ahead. “What do I want to accomplish in 2014?” I asked myself. “And where do I want to go?” Although the answers came immediately, I resisted making any grand resolutions. Instead, I decided to make one small, […]

Remember about a month ago, when I introduced the undisputed-queen-of-creative-inspiration, Keri Smith? And I listed 10 ways to make yourself miserable as an artist? No? Well, never mind. What matters is that I bought a copy of her book How to Be an Explorer of the World. The reviewer at Brain Pickings summed it up […]

Back when I had free time, I used to amuse myself for hours playing with Photoshop. That’s how I ended up with irrefutable proof that Elvis lives … … and that’s also how my dad became a pirate. Only today, while I was looking through my old family photos, did I realize the extent to […]

During Esteban’s and my recent trip to New York, I noticed a curious development: Although I was surrounded by world-famous landmarks and monuments, I was interested mostly in the people. I don’t know whether this fascination was a side-effect of my flirtation with street photography, or my love affair with Humans of New York. (If […]

I don’t often post re-runs on HBlog, but this one serves and important purpose. (Check back tomorrow and all will be revealed.) With apologies to my friends — and faithful readers — who may have seen this post a couple of years ago: Every so often, my friends at work and I are asked to […]

During dinner with some friends in Paris last December, the conversation turned to the hordes of tourists who were streaming past the restaurant. “Tourism is distorting Paris,” said Chris, who is both a Parisian and a respected travel writer. “Sure, there are crowds and souvenirs, and the real estate is inflated,” I agreed, “but I […]

The thing that surprised me most about Esteban’s and my recent trip to New York was the people. New York builds character like no place else on earth, and it shows: Every block or two I’d see someone worthy of Central Casting. In spite of the cornucopia of interesting subjects, however, it took me three […]

At a recent happy hour, one of my co-workers ordered a glass of wine “because wine makes you skinny.” Curious, I asked her to explain. “I read that people who drink wine have smaller waists than people who drink beer or who don’t drink at all,” she said. I don’t doubt for a second that […]