New York portrait: Rockefeller Center

The thing that surprised me most about Esteban’s and my recent trip to New York was the people. New York builds character like no place else on earth, and it shows: Every block or two I’d see someone worthy of Central Casting.
In spite of the cornucopia of interesting subjects, however, it took me three days to approach a stranger and ask, “May I please take your photo?” But with only one exception, my requests were met with grace and generosity.
Here’s one of those stories.

Because I seem to be starting at the end with this trip, today I’ll share my last portrait.

Esteban and I had just visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral and were on our way to Rockefeller Center, when I saw this colorful apparition:

Dude with parrot 1120594 BLOG

It took me a couple of seconds to take it all in. Pink plastic porcupine? Check. Neon bangle bracelets? Check. Tiger-striped under-layer? Check. Green beard, pirate hat, African grey parrot? Check, check, check!

Only after I’d recovered from the dazzling first impression did I finally notice the apparition’s eyes.

Dude with parrot 1120595 BLOG

I was caught off guard by the beauty and gentleness of the flamboyant dresser’s gaze.

Dude with parrot 1120593 BLOG

We exchanged a couple of pleasantries, and then he was gone.

I wish I’d had the presence of mind to at least ask his name.

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