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“The Palace of Versailles helped us understand the French Revolution,” I wrote in 2006, after Esteban and I took a day-trip out of Paris to see the (in)famous home of Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette. “After a couple of hours we, too, felt like donning pitchforks.” Here’s the digital-album page I made shortly […]

I’ve learned many lessons during my trips to Bruges, Sedona, Venice, Rome, Reykjavik, Heidelberg, and Paris. (Especially Paris.) But here’s the most important lesson of all: Your choice of a travel companion is everything. I don’t know how many trips Esteban and I have taken in our 29 years as a couple, but I do know […]

Caution: Contains a disturbing image. July 4 is a big deal to many Americans. Some people celebrate by gathering the family for a barbecue; others attend civic events or parades. But for an increasing number of my neighbors, Independence Day is an excuse to get drunk and blow things up. It started at about 4 […]