To my favorite companion …

I’ve learned many lessons during my trips to Bruges, Sedona, VeniceRome, Reykjavik, Heidelberg, and Paris. (Especially Paris.) But here’s the most important lesson of all: Your choice of a travel companion is everything.

I don’t know how many trips Esteban and I have taken in our 29 years as a couple, but I do know I’ve been privileged to be by his side. Through his sense of adventure he’s opened up new worlds for me, and through his kindness and compassion he’s helped me make sense of the worlds within.

I am truly grateful for the many marvelous journeys we’ve shared … for our pet names and our private jokes. But more than anything, I’m deeply grateful we’ve had each other.

We were together BLOG

Happy anniversary, my love. Here’s to another wonderful 24 years …


  1. I couldn’t agree more. When I think about my own travels, it’s the moments shared that stand out above all the others.Joyeux anniversaire !!!

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