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While I was out walking early one morning, I had a thought: “What if I keel over, or get chased by wild dogs, or am hit by a car?” (Because I think about these kinds of things during my morning walks.) “Perked up African dogs” courtesy of the World Wildlife Federation “Even if someone found […]

I don’t know whether it’s because of my father’s Scottish heritage or my mom’s literary roots, but storytelling runs in my family. Family stories can only be passed on if they’re preserved, though, so I’ve begun recording some of my parents’ memories from their youth. This is one of my favorites. On today’s date in […]

I’ve lost track of how many times Esteban and I have driven to Chautauqua — he grew up there, so we’ve gone back often to his beloved summer home. The view from the dock Esteban’s family used to own. His grandma’s house once stood on the site of the pink-and-peach monstrosity you now see on […]

Esteban’s mom died yesterday. In happier times, and in matching home-sewn outfits. Although her passing wasn’t entirely unexpected, I cried when I got the news — mostly because she was gone, but also because a wave of regret washed over me. “I wish I’d had a better relationship with your mom,” I told Esteban. I […]

I haven’t felt much like shooting this summer, and I think I just figured out why: I still haven’t finished sorting through the 6,000-plus images I took while traveling with Esteban last December! Well, let’s see what we can do about that backlog, shall we? “Have you been to Colmar?” That was the response I’d […]

I’ve unintentionally copied the French and have taken August off. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog … as you can see, I have plenty to say: It’s just that I’ve had other priorities, like my (accidentally) rekindled love of stamp collecting. I’ve also been busy with lots of family visits and a bit […]