What I did on my summer vacation

I’ve unintentionally copied the French and have taken August off.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog … as you can see, I have plenty to say:

Blogfodder IMG_1275 BLOG

It’s just that I’ve had other priorities, like my (accidentally) rekindled love of stamp collecting.

Spain stamp collection IMG_1276 BLOG

I’ve also been busy with lots of family visits and a bit of travel.

Expect me to write soon about the lovely week Esteban and I spent in Chautauqua, where I walked along the lakeshore every morning …

Chautauqua dock 1140395 BLOG

Chautauqua harbor 1140574 BLOG

… spent long afternoons amid the charming Victorian cottages …

Chautauqua street scene 1150390 BLOG

… lost all sense of time in the woods …

Chautauqua Forest 1160052 BLOG

… and got to meet Geoffrey Ward and Ken Burns. (!!!)

Expect me also to write soon about my continuing struggles with German, and about the three trips I have planned in the next 10 weeks. And finally, expect me to at least try to be less of a stranger.

As the French might say, << bonne rentrée >>.



    • Thanks a million, Patti — your wish is my command!

      By the way, remember that book drawing you entered a while back, for a copy of “How to be an Explorer of the World”? You were a winner! Please let me know where to mail it if you’d still like it.

      Cheers to you, and thanks — as always — for being such a loyal reader.

  1. Well, I’m glad it’s not just me who failed to blog over the summer! So much to tell, and so little time and inspiration to actually get it down… However, your list is super-impressive, and that shot of the misty woods is, honestly, breath-taking. That is my favourite image of the year from you – which is saying something!

    Anyway, I too am intending to get back into the blogging groove this autumn. Let’s do this! 🙂

    • So much to tell, and so little time to tell it indeed, dear Beastie! But I’m so happy you’re intending to get back into the blogging groove as well. Let’s do this, indeed! 🙂

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