Springing ahead (and how!)

On Sunday we “sprang ahead” by setting our clocks forward one hour.

For most Americans, the switch to Daylight Saving Time is a sign of spring. But in Minnesota it usually seems like a cruel joke: The evenings may be longer, but the sun is still feeble and purely ornamental. Just one week ago, in fact, we were slogging through slush and snow.

Downtown snow 1290179 BLOG

After that came the below-zero temperatures that usually follow a snowstorm.

Frozen skyline 2

But then, on Friday … a Daylight Saving Time miracle! Yes, that’s a 45-degree temperature change you’re seeing.

Daylight saving weather IMG_3835 BLOG

I can’t adequately describe the arrival of spring in Minnesota — how the aromas outside intensify, or how the sounds change. There’s something in the atmosphere that makes everything feel different.

All of these new and welcome sensations greeted me as I went out for a stroll on Sunday morning. I didn’t take many photographs, but I’m happy to report that spring seems to have arrived.

Road 1290195 BLOG Sunrise 1290232 BLOG

Well … for now, anyway.


    • Thank you so much, Denise! I must admit my windshield made a more interesting subject than the snowy street itself. 🙂

    • Shorts?! SHORTS??! Oh, yeah … I forget that your kids are superhuman. (They get that from their parents, I think. 🙂

  1. I really wonder how it would be to deal with the climate you live in, so cold and it seems pretty dark also. Is it still fun to live there? What are the people usually doing to feel good over there (hope not only going to a shopping mall and screen watdhing 😀 ) ? Very interesting to see and I hope the ‘complete’ spring arrives quickly. Besitos, guapa.

    • I’ll admit it, Rosa: The climate and darkness can be oppressive! There are lots of ways to cope, but even with the many comforts I enjoy it can be tough going sometimes. The good thing is that not all of the winters are *horrible* — so you can always fool yourself into thinking “this won’t last forever” and that it will get better. And just when you think you can’t take it anymore … the plants start to sprout and the sun grows warm and it’s summer and everything is beautiful! But to answer your question: The best way I’ve found of coping is to try to get outside every day, if even for a few minutes, no matter how brutal the cold and snow may be. It helps you feel alive, even if you’re convinced you’re going to die the whole time you’re outside, haha! A big hug to you … and more news from the tundra soon. Mua!

  2. It’s been brutal this year for the Midwest and Northeast. I’m sure it’s nice to feel the warm sun on your face.

    • It’s WONDERFUL to feel the warm sun on my face! Though I remain deeply suspicious that “Winter of 2015, Part 2” is luring right around the corner, just waiting to ambush me when I least expect it. Grin.

  3. I would feel a bit guilty uttering any woes about winter this year since Canadians out east have just been hammered over and over again. I’ve never seen so much snow (and we’ve had our share). Your weather swings are familiar to me. I’m in Alberta, the weather changes almost daily. Saturday last, it was 17 C or almost 63 F. Bring out the flip-flops! The very next morning it was -4 C or 25 F. Ugh! Flip-flops back in the closet, LOL

    • “Bring out the flip-flops! Ugh. Flip-flops back in the closet!” HAHAAA! Don’t you just *love* this time of year, when one day it’s OK to wear flip-flops and the next day you need an anorak? But the truth is that, as much as I complain sometimes, I rather enjoy the meteorological drama — if only because every single day is a new surprise! Well, cheers to you up in Alberta. I hope spring will visit you in earnest soon.

    • Thank you! After six years of blogging, I still can’t get used to the idea of putting my actual face out into the world. 🙂

  4. In Canada we have been fighting with our weather (well, more like begging the skies for mercy). To be honest though I think it might be colder in Minnesota. And like the commenter above I really like the image with the rain!

    • Sorry about the delay in responding to your kind comment … I’ve actually been in Florida for the past week, celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday! Fortunately, spring seems to be holding steady in Minnesota and it wasn’t *too* dreadful to come home. 🙂 I do hope our clear skies and warm weather will migrate northward in the next week or two so you can stop begging the skies for mercy. (Ha! I know only too well how that feels …)
      Cheers to you!

      • I lost my password to my blog so I haven’t been on WordPress in forever. Wow 80th birthday! Woohoo! I’m so sorry about the delayed response. Hope you’re having a great day :).

        • Hey there! So glad to hear you’re still blogging … I feared we’d lost you for good. 🙂 Well, the 80th birthday is gone and summer is on its way. How are things in your neck of the woods? Things better at work, I hope, and the studies are settling down? No matter what: Welcome back!

          • Thanks for the warm welcome back. Work and school did eventually get better, just like you said they would! I’m catching up on your posts and they’re great!

          • I am so relieved to hear your good news! It’s tough to remember when you’re going through a difficult time, but almost everything in our lives is temporary. Very glad that proved true of *your* tough times! And very glad you’re back … I really did miss reading your posts.

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