A Portrait of the Muralist as a Young Man

Last Sunday I wrote about the mural that Eduardo Kobra and his team are painting in downtown Minneapolis. I say this often, but this time I really mean it: The photos don’t do it justice.

Bob Dylan mural

What I found even more extraordinary than the painting itself, though, was the speed at which the artists were working. There was a clear “before-and-after” difference even in the half hour I spent on-site.

I was eager a few days ago to stop by on my way home from work and see a full day’s progress. That’s how I met Joan Vordebruggen, cultural district arts coordinator for Hennepin Theatre Trust — and the project’s organizer.

After a bit of chatting I mustered the courage to ask, “Do you think I might meet the artist?” She was gracious in her response. “He’s very focused,” she said. “Once he starts to work it’s hard to get him off the wall.” I understood completely. “But I’ll let you know if we have a media event tomorrow,” she offered.

A few moments later a lanky man walked into the parking lot. I recognized him immediately from photos I’d seen online. He, too, was gracious — and patient about posing for a few photos.

Bob Dylan mural

Bob Dylan mural

Bob Dylan mural

Bob Dylan mural

Bob Dylan mural

Bob Dylan mural

I wish I’d known a few more words of Portuguese to thank him for adding such a beautiful landmark to my city. What a privilege.


    • Thank you, Judy! Have you been by to see the finished product? You of all people would love it — it’s like a mosaic in stained glass! Thanks so much for stopping by, and sorry for the shameful delay in replying. 🙂

    • I’m so sorry about the delay in responding to your kind comment, Elaine … I’ve been traveling and the wi-fi has been spotty at best. But yes, I sent him copies of all the photos. I bet his mum would like to see them too. 😉 Cheers to you from a faraway location that will soon enough be disclosed.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, Cindy. I really appreciate it. (And sorry for the shameful delay in replying to your comment!)

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