7-Day Nature Photo Challenge (+7)

If you’ve ever considered joining a photo challenge, you know they can be a mixed blessing: On one hand, it’s fun and inspiring to see your friends’ photos. But on the other, it can be daunting to sort through your own and decide what to show.

In hindsight, I’m grateful I overcame the “daunting” part to join a friend’s 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge on Facebook last week. It was good to revisit my work with a critical eye — and rediscover a handful of old favorites I’d long since forgotten. But maybe most importantly, it was good to be reminded that there is still SO MUCH BEAUTY in our world.

Akron meditator 1160799 BLOG.jpg

Amored spider 1290273 CR CR BLOG

Balloon and red rocks 1090419 CL BLOG

Cedar waxwing 1060831 BLOG

Como Lake duck 1230601 CL BLOG

Sunrise 1290232 BLOG

Foddy dogwalk 1360168 CL BLOG

Hoarfrost 1220449 BLOG

Iceland horiz hike CL BLOG

Mont St Mich 1500135 CX CR BLOG

Morikami 1170367 DARK BLOG

Peacock on parade

Poppy facing away CL BLOG

Receding storm 1090220 CL 2 BLOG


    • Thank you for being so kind, Elaine, as always. It’s a good question you raise about Iceland. And the honest answer is that I have no idea what most of the island looks like, because I’ve only visited a tiny fraction of it. But if my husband has his way we will soon remedy that! Rest assured I’ll draft a full report when we’re lucky enough to return. 😉

      • Aah – I was surprised because I always imagined Iceland as a place of tiny cities surrounded by volcanos and geysers. I hadn’t really considered the landscape that would connect them!

        A friend in Poland told me that, just as London hipsters move to Berlin to find like-minded souls in cool surroundings, Berlin hipsters move to Reykyavik, in search of the same. Maybe Reykyavik hipsters move to London and the whole thing turns, like a revolving hipster merry go round.

        • I *adore* your idea of a revolving hipster merry-go-round! It sounds about right: Isn’t it an inherently human trait to be convinced that the grass is greener elsewhere? Now at least you know that’s not necessarily the case in Iceland — although the lichen really quite makes up for it. Grin.

          • I suppose it was that ancient ‘grass is always greener’ or ‘flints are always sharper’ human itch that brought us out of Africa and spread us through the world, little by little. Without it, we’d all be squashed up together in one giant overheated megalopolis, rising higher and higher towards the sky in Africa. And even seeing mountains rising in the distance wouldn’t tempt us to go and have a look.

          • What wonderful images you conjure! I will now go through my day with a picture in my head of a mountainous pile of people overcrowding Africa, while the rest of the world remains wild and untouched. (It doesn’t sound half bad, does it?)

    • Cedar waxwings are among my favorite birds. They’re such sleek and elegant little things, aren’t they? Thank you so much for stopping by.

    • Thank you, Cindy! In hindsight, I admit it was worth conquering my terror and getting close enough to snap that photo.

  1. Just TERRIFIC shots! Love the spider, the ceder waxwing and the snail!! ❤ So how do I order copies for the nature wall in my apartment?

    • Ooo! I just saw the second half of your message. Now I’m *doubly* flattered.

      My printer is on the fritz, but if you’d like to send your mailing address to hmunro [dot] wordpress [at] gmail [dot] com, I’d be delighted to put some prints in the mail just as soon as I get the ol’ Epson functioning again.

  2. How long have you been blogging on WordPress? I just want to know because no one is coming to my blog, I have only had 2 people see my blog. And there are still no clicks recorded.

    • I’ve been blogging here for almost seven years, Bella — but almost no one came to my blog for two years. (And I do literally mean NO ONE for the first year.) There are an estimated 450 million English-language blogs, so it’s hard to capture readers’ attention. And anyway, getting too wrapped up in the statistics can be discouraging, because it’s measuring your success in terms of how much approval you get from strangers on the Internet. In my experience, I’ve found it much more rewarding to instead focus on doing something meaningful that makes me happy. So the best advice I can give you is to write for your own enjoyment, and to try not to worry about the numbers. I’m sure they’ll come in time — and even if they don’t, you’ll still have a wonderful record of what you were thinking about and feeling on a given day. Does that help?

    • You’re so kind … thank you! (And I’m sure you *can* snap shots like these, if you decide it’s something you want to do. I have no special skill or even training — just a desire to record beautiful moments. If these photos spoke to you I encourage you to start doing the same!) Cheers to you, and best wishes as you start college. 🙂

    • Thank you very much! And if you like my work, please stay tuned — there’s lots more on the way. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Amazing work H! I’ve been waiting for a quiet moment that I can savour looking at them without rushing it. And I am pleased I did. You are so talented…and well traveled. Thank you for sharing your view from your lens with us. Looking forward to seeing more of these….. xoxo

    • What a kind thing to say … thank you! You’ve truly made my day. But i hope i won’t disappoint you in replying that there are no secrets here! Just the occasional shot of inspiration, and a bit of work. (Not many creative people will admit it, but that’s the truth! 😉 Thank you again.

    • Oh, yes, please DO try this in NYC! I think it would add an extra element because most people don’t really “see” nature in such an environment, but it’s there for the keen observer! You’ve actually sparked an idea for me with your comment, so extra thanks for that. Thank you!!

        • Oh my gosh … it’s more than OK. It’s MARVELOUS! I’m so excited to see what you come up with, and so honored that my post inspired you in some small way. Thank you for making my day.

  4. Hello! How are you? I have a blog request for you, will you please make a blog report on the republican debate? I do not know if you do that bu I would really like it!

    • I hope I won’t disappoint you, Bella, but there is *no way* I’m touching that topic! 🙂 If you’re hungry for commentary, though, try Googling “Republican debate analysis” and see what comes up. I bet you’ll find lots of interesting op-ed pieces.

    • Keep at it! I’ve been writing here for seven years and no one noticed me for the first five. 🙂 (Pero te diré un pequeño secreto: La popularidad no vale nada. Lo que vale más que oro son las amistades que uno/una puede cultivar con otros bloggers.)

    • How nice to meet a fellow Bloggess fan! And how very kind of you to stop by and make my day with your kind note. Thank you!

      • No problem. I’m new to the blogging world and just started my own a week ago. I love your posts. I’d love for you to view my blog and provide me with any advice you can. Thank you again for a great read.

        • I don’t know if I’m really qualified to critique other blogs, but it seems you’re off to a great start! Keep at it, and I promise in a few years you’ll be delighted to look back and savor some of the memories you recorded.

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