Goodnight, sweet Prince


My only personal connection to Prince Rogers Nelson is that I once saw him walking across the street. is presence belied his tiny stature, and I thought him one of the most elegant, regal, and — yes — beautiful men I’d ever seen.

He made such an impression in that fleeting moment, in fact, that I could understand the outpouring of grief today from others who felt a much deeper connection — one forged through music, over the course of many years.

Here is their tribute to the man and musician they loved. I do hope there’s a way for some of that love to cross this immense universe of ours and reach the artist we knew as Prince.

Prince 1020193 BLOG


Prince 1020308 BLOG

Prince 1020314 BLOG

Prince 1020337 BLOG

Prince 1020361 BLOG

Prince 1020417 BLOG

Prince 1020465 BLOG

Prince 1020496 BLOG

Prince 1020502 BLOG

37 Responses to “Goodnight, sweet Prince”

  1. I don’t know where I was – I shudder to think where I might have been – but I seem to have missed the purple reign. Thank goodness for Youtube.

    • 2 hmunro

      “The purple reign,” Xpat? That’s brilliant! I actually lived in His Royal Purpleness’ kingdom during his entire reign but seem to have missed most of it too. As you say: Thank goodness for YouTube!

  2. Yes we all missed him , I only know him through his music, he made great impart on most of his fans, I know his soul will rest in peace. Thanks for post.

    • 4 hmunro

      After witnessing his fans’ shock and sadness yesterday, I can tell you you’re not alone. May he indeed rest in peace.

  3. I wasn’t even remotely a fan, but I was shocked and saddened just the same.

  4. Not the biggest fan, but he did create some real anthems in my youth. My favourite would have to be When Doves Cry followed by Purple Rain. However listening to the radio today lots of Prince songs made me realise just how many of them are in my subconscious! It feels like we’re losing a lot of talent this year. 😢

    • 8 hmunro

      We’ve indeed lost lots of iconic people this year, Susan. I didn’t think I was a huge Bowie fan, either, until the streaming services started playing his old songs after *he* died — and I knew almost every single one of them. It was rather an odd sensation, and an indication of just how influential his work had been. Feel the same way about Prince.

  5. I am sorry to see him go ..He was great.

    • 10 hmunro

      He was a force of nature, wasn’t he? And one of the iconic personalities of his generation. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  6. I’d love his song, “purple rain”. Though,he died young but his songs will live forever. Thanks for posting

    • 12 hmunro

      We are lucky to live in an age when artists’ work can indeed be recorded and preserved forever. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  7. Elegant, regal and beautiful. Perfect way to describe him. He had a swan-like grace; seemingly extended neck, tilt of head, and to me, the features of a modern-day aristocrat. I have recently started following your blog, I love your words.

    • 14 hmunro

      What a kind comment! Thank you, Carrie — you’ve made my day.

  8. Nicely done.

  9. I am not a fan of purple, but a huge fan of his music.

  10. This is very interesting. I love Prince.

  11. Does he born in Minneapolis?

    • 21 hmunro

      Yes, indeed! He was born in Minneapolis and grew up there — and in spite of his eventual fame, he never left. I think that’s one more reason his local fans love him so much.

  12. Prince was a presence on TV throughout my teenage years and I was saddened to hear about his untimely death. I know his many fans around the world must have been profoundly shocked and upset by the news.

    • 23 hmunro

      Prince provided much of the soundtrack to my teenage years, too — I think that’s part of the reason his loss feels personal, even if I wasn’t his top #1 fan. Plus, by outward appearances he seemed so young and vital! I fully expected he’d be rocking out into his 90s …

  13. My first long term boyfriend,and I, used enjoy princes music,,it was a very romantic time in my life,and prince,his magic,certainly will reign on,Prince his music,was amazing and always will be.a true artist,in every sense of the word,and boy could he dance,i love you prince,xxx

    • 26 hmunro

      How wonderful that you associate Prince’s music with so many great memories! You’re not alone there. 🙂

  14. Great photos again..really captured the sombre mood. One of many sad & premature endings for musicians recently..

  15. he will be missed

  16. RIP…..its sad to loose talents…world is already full of haters. ..We need people to spread love and peace

  17. it’s so evident because he wasn’t always on the news. A big name in music who doesn’t act like a celebrity for sure. RIP

    • 33 hmunro

      You’re so right, Rommel. In fact, the more I read about Prince the less he seems like a “celebrity” and the more he seems like a really committed musician who just wanted to do his thing. It’s too bad there are so few others like him in this age when people seem to care about how much “camera time” they get above all else. Sigh.

  18. The only dubious conection I have to Prince is that I once partied like it was 1999…

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    Great article… 🙂

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