That’s how the light gets in


In memory of Leonard Cohen, 9/21/1934 – 11/10/2016

Receding storm 1090220 Cohen BLOG

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  1. Very Nice Pics .Also My memory

  2. Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Today is a sad day. We lost the Poet of song.

  3. A sad day. Leonard Cohen had been my motivator for writing for 40 years. He was the Poet of song.

  4. Yes, pretty devastated to hear. I was in the car for the last hour or so and they played a few of his best songs.

    • 14 hmunro

      Which was your favorite, Terry? Mine — clichéd though the selection may be — was “Hallelujah.” It was the first Leonard Cohen song i ever heard, sung by a street musician on a bridge in Paris on a cold and windy evening. Both the words and the performance captured so beautifully the disillusion of that “cold and broken hallelujah.” What a poet he was …

      • There’s a few, gosh. Famous blue raincoat, Alexandra Leaving, probably jump out the most but I could so easily keep on going. He has come to Australia a couple of times in the last years and I Leo to myself “Next time I’ll go….”

        • 16 hmunro

          What a shame you didn’t get to see him live! Neither did i, so i share the same regret.

          As for your picks: Famous Blue Raincoat! Isn’t that marvelous writing? I find it unbearably beautiful for its intimacy. There’s a whole twisted story there, but he paints it with the broadest strokes and lets you fill in the rest. Nice choice, Terry.

          Well, my heartfelt condolences to you. Although neither of us knew him personally, there’s still a very real and tangible sense of loss when an artist who speaks to us passes on …

      • 17 bethanyk

        My daughter got this news late last night and was very sad. Her favorite is hallelujah . His writing was phenomenal.

        • 18 hmunro

          Please pass on my kind wishes to your daughter, Bethany. Whether we know the poet personally or not, it’s always difficult to lose someone who speaks to our soul.

  5. “Said” not “Leo”!

  6. “unbearably beautiful for its intimacy” . So true

    • 22 hmunro

      … though something tells me Leonard would have described it quite differently. I’m always a little bit conflicted about loving a work that was created out of someone else’s pain.

  7. I think you’re right, he probably would have described it differently, but it’s still true for us. And I’m guessing he expressed his pain at least partly so that we could identify with it. Every artist wants to express themselves (trust me as a musician on that and I’ll bet you as a photographer are the same) – I think if someone wrote a song or a poem (or took a photo) and kept it to themselves it wouldn’t be the same for them, and we would be the poorer

  8. Sad indeed.

  9. That’s how the light gets in..

  10. It is a beautiful picture suitable for such a wonderful artist ❤ ❤ ❤
    Thank you,

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  12. 31 gregorywhite01

    A soul message for all Americans at this difficult time.

  13. This was so adorable! Giggles, thank for posting this sweetheart.

  14. Cohen deserves Nobel…

  15. A poignant image and an elegant quote. We have lost anther giant – I can’t recall a year in which we have lost such a range of talent as this one.

    • 39 hmunro

      It has indeed been a tough year, hasn’t it. Although it’s of small consolation, I am grateful that we at least live in an age in which we can record these greats and share their art so easily.

  16. Nice one there

  17. I love his voice singin’ beautiful songs. So sad…

    • 43 hmunro

      … and I loved that mind of his, which *wrote* those beautiful songs. It seems unfair such people — the best among us — can’t live forever.

  18. 44 tandaawalkehamilan0

    Postingannya keren banger, saya suka gambarnya, salam kenal, saya dari Indonesia

  19. 46 Jerry Peri

    Eye catching and inspiring pics!

  20. 50 豆漿

    thank for posting this

  21. its beatiful

  22. 53 lyrasdreams

    Wow… this blog is amazing, it was on my recomended list and wow what a result

  23. I think I could read this every day – thanks for an always beautiful quote, but especially pertinent right now 🙂

    • 56 hmunro

      Thank you so much for your sweet note, Lara. I’ve been meditating on this quote every day too, and the more I think about it the more I admire Mr. Cohen. As you say, it’s especially pertinent. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  24. 60 storytime231

    This is an amazing article! You are my favorite blogger!!!!!

  25. 62 Royal Knowledge Hub

    Very nice

  26. 64 Roger Bussey

    Utter perfection.

  27. I’ve never really followed his music but since his passing I’ve seen a number of quotes that really resonate. These words especially find me thinking about how he saw a basic truth about life and conveyed it so profoundly. Thanks for sharing it.

    • 67 hmunro

      You’ve said it so beautifully! Leonard really did have a gift for cutting to the very heart of things — especially the brokenness that seems to be an inherent part of the human condition. Thank you so much for stopping by, and especially for your kind comment!

  28. 69 Nova

    Love Leonard Cohen !!

    • 70 hmunro

      Me too! I’m glad he lived in an age in which such a wide audience could hear his words and music.

  29. 71 Nova

    Reblogged this on the butterfly tree and commented:
    His Beautiful Words Shall Always Remain With Us.

  30. True…clear…beautiful…brightened my day.

    • 73 Heide

      Leonard Cohen sure knew how to put simple truths into beautiful verse, didn’t he? Thank you so much for stopping by!

  31. Love this quote! So, so true.

    • 75 Heide

      I agree — Mr. Cohen was a genius. Thank you for stopping by!

  32. Nice one

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