Paris connections, part 1

One of my favorite things about Paris is that everything is somehow connected. Over the next week I’ll show you seven photos that at first glance may seem unrelated — and next Sunday I’ll reveal what they share in common.

Trocadero 1090334 BL BLOG

The Place du Trocadéro offers a great view of the Eiffel Tower, but it had never before occurred to me to include these gilded statues in my shots.


    • Thank you, Tom! I do too, although I wish I’d paid closer attention to my rule of thirds. Perfectionism, eh? 😉

  1. I look forward to the big reveal. Of course, I will be guessing along with everyone else. I was in Paris twenty-five years ago, so my memory won’t be its best.

    • Some things in Paris never change, Anthony — so perhaps your memory will serve you! Thank you for so graciously playing along.

    • Thank you, Jim! I’ll confess I did quite a number on the saturation of the sky before converting it to b/w — because you’re right that the sky often gets washed out.

    • I hope you can go to Paris someday too, Febri. In the meantime I will be glad to show you some of my favorite things about my favorite city. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Excellent,mon Cherie!In reality you and I are,with the rest of mankind, lodged in a battered caravanserai called the Earth.Paris is no exception -we get connected to everything in it,provided we begin to THINK(which few persons do)

    • Thank you for your kind and thought-provoking comment! I think we humans often forget that (in spite of our technology) we are still animals — and still subject to nature’s laws. We would do well to heed your words and remember that we’re all connected and interdependent. Thank you so much for stopping by!

    • Itching to get back to Paris? That makes two of us! 😉 But thank you for your kind comment, and for tagging along on this virtual trip.

      • Yes! It has been a couple years, but it was truly life changing. It is one of my favorite places! I hope you get back there soon! ❤ Awe you are very welcome thank you for feeding my Paris soul! ❤

    • 1989. My gosh! Time for another visit, methinks. How can we get you back there? Perhaps if I volunteered to tend the garden and keep the cat company for a while? 🙂

      • Oh wait…I did go back one more time. I met up with some friends from Australia in 1994. Head slap! A year later I got married and in ’97 I had my first son. In another year both of my boys will be in college and I’ll be able to resume more travel. I can’t wait.

        • I have so many of those head-slap moments that my avatar is frightfully accurate. 🙂 But on a serious note. Here’s to resuming your travels! I do hope you will have the opportunity to wander wherever your heart — and your curiosity — will lead you.

          • Thank you! I love travel and look forward to doing a lot more in the years ahead. I always figured out how to go places, even in my lean years. Staying in youth hostels, cheap flights, Eurail passes, all helped me get to where I wanted to go on a budget.

          • My hubby and I love finding creative ways to pinch the pennies too — and the great news is that it’s gotten a lot easier with websites like airbnb and homeaway. We *still* can’t get over some of the apartments we’ve rented for less than the cost of a hotel room. I think our days of crashing on random couches are over, though. 😉

    • As a great admirer of your work I am truly honored you like my photo, Rochelle. Thank you for making my day with your kind words! xx

  3. I just left a note about the black and white images you newly shared today- I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention I liked this one a lot, too. I’m sure one of your readers must have already mentioned the great juxtaposition of the statues with the real live Parisians going about their lives in the distance.

    • You are in fact the first person to mention the juxtaposition of living people and statues — and I love your observation, because it’s what first drew me to the frame. Guess great eyes see alike, eh? 😉

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