Paris connections, part 5

The Cour du Commerce Saint-André in Paris’ sixth arrondissement is little more than a cobbled alley. Open only to pedestrians, it connects the tony and traffic-choked Boulevard Saint-Germain with the bustling little rue de Buci. But when you step onto its uneven paving stones, you’re stepping onto a spot where centuries of history converge. (Full disclosure: The Cour du Commerce was torn up for renovation during Esteban’s and my last visit, so these photos date from 2009 and 2010, respectively.)

Cobbled street BW BLOG

Cour St Andre 1040621 BW BLOG

This is my fifth and penultimate clue in a series about how everything in Paris is connected. See the past four days’ posts for other hints — and please check back on Sunday for the full story.


  1. That second photo is quintessential Paris. I love the wicker cafe chairs, the cobbled stones, and the corner facades. There is so much history in that beautiful city. Clues everywhere, but I’m not going to guess out loud. See you Sunday. 🙂

    • You’ve hit on some of the things I love most about Paris. (Why don’t more cities have colorful wicker chairs?!) And although I’m dying to hear your guess I will respect your privacy. 😉 See you Sunday!

      • Okay, here’s my guess. It’s only partially formed and is perhaps influenced by another comment on your post. Since Paris is built from a center moving outward like spokes (another thing to love about that city) and the photos all feature architecture moving skyward, I’m wondering if that is the loose connection. (Prepared to be completely off the mark). I’m having fun though.

        • What a wonderful guess! In a sense, the connection *is* skyward-moving architecture, but more of the “social architecture” variety. Now I fear that the simple answer will come as a disappointment compared to your rather poetic explanation!

          • I’m never disappointed on my visits here, so no worries on that front. It’s really forced us all to think and ponder so honestly any answer would be a good one (and it was). And my goodness, thank you for using the word poetic in a sentence referring to my comment. I’m sitting up just a little taller. 🙂

  2. Heide, your photos are so compelling, it’s all making me want to be there; draws you right in. Love how the black and white shows off the details of structure within a scene.

    • It would make me SO HAPPY if my love for this city encouraged you to visit too, Lara. (I’d help with the logistics!) And you’re so right that the black-and-white treatment really brings out the architectural details. If any city was meant to be photographed in grays, it’s Paris!

    • I’m always pleased and honored when you like my photos, Mr. Draco. Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your kind comment!

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