Random travel-photo round-up


I realized today I’ve been posting lots of rambling narratives about Minnesota, so here’s a change of pace: Just photos, selected at random from my travels over the past five years. Stay tuned for more news from the road, coming soon …

Foddy dogwalk 1360168 CL BLOG

Rouen street 1510440 CX BLOG

Akron meditator 1160799 BLOG

Arles Overlook 1700757 BLOG

Petite Ceinture 1000704 BLOG

Gondoli 1560176 PR BLOG

St Eustache beggar 1360908 BW 3 BLOG

Rouen St Amant 1520030 BLOG

Cheeky red bug close up 1000243 BLOG

State Fair Wrangler 1300019 CX CL BLOG

P1730868 BW BLOG

Prairie 1040259 BLOG

Old hallway 1570202 BW BLOG

Creperie 1030057 BLOG

Freiburg postcard BLOG

Louvre cour 1070758 BLOG

Courthouse butte composite 2 CL BLOG

Cafe tables 1020528 BLOG

Eiffel 1060981 CL BLOG

Mont St Michel 1490378 CL BLOG

Bruges 1010456 CL BLOG

Balloon and red rocks 1090419 CL BLOG

Sedona stars BLOG

Venice market 2 1630615 BLOG

Gondolas 1590835 darker CR BLOG

Notre Dame sunrise 1200099 CL BLOG

Paris knockers poster BLOG

Iceland ponyhead landscape BLOG

Iceland horiz hike CL BLOG

Conciergerie moonset 1080266 BW3 BLOG

Conciergerie 1080542 CLHL BW BLOG

Paris hotel stairs BLOG

Vosges Paris 1750832 BW BLOG

Orb weaver 1030513 CL BLOG

Room at the Inn 1010556 BLOG

Munster 1240939 BLOG

Cafe a la pluie 1030777 BLOG

Old passage 1330420 CL BLOG

Pigeon look 1260892 CL2 BLOG

Notre Dame ringer 1100323 CX BLOG

Colmar fog 1060306 BLOG

Peacock on parade

Venus may your blessings 1090945 BLOG

83 Responses to “Random travel-photo round-up”

  1. Wow, so much going on with the old woman. I really stopped to study that one. – Chris

  2. Breathtaking. Thank you.

  3. Wow, I don’t see a single one that is not deserving of a nice frame and a location for display. Perhaps a HeidiBlog 2019 calendar?

    You have an excellent eye!

    • 6 Heide

      Haha! I think such a calendar would have a limited market, J. P. — but if you want prints of any of these, just say the word!

  4. Oh my GOODNESS! Your photos are absolutely fabulous! Such variety and such beauty in each. I may have asked before, but what kind of camera do you use? Doyou labor over each photo or do you see something and take a shot or two and carry on? Each one looks so well-planned and thoughtful.
    Love ’em!

    • 8 Heide

      What a kind comment, Sherri — thank you! I’ve been using Panasonic mirrorless (“micro four-thirds”) cameras since they were introduced and currently have the GX7 for everyday work and the GX85 for my travels. I’m also using my cellphone more and more, though, as the quality of the images from phones is improving! But I still prefer the absolute creative control you get from a camera with interchangeable lenses.

      And yes, if I see a particularly striking scene — and have the time — I do tend to labor over a photo. (I wrote about the sometimes-exhausting process here: https://heideblog.com/2016/06/21/photoshop-with-your-feet/) But experience has taught me that the first frame is usually still the best, because it represents my instinctive reaction to whatever it is I’ve seen.

      Anyway. It’s so lovely to hear from you here! Thank you again for making my day with your kind words.

  5. Wow!!! Incredible shots! I love the door knockers!!! 🙌🏻

  6. These are stunning. Though I did have to do a double-take when I got to the peacock, recently posted a very similar photo myself that I’d taken a few years ago! What amazing travels you’ve had 🙂

    • 12 Heide

      Oh my — our peacock photos really *are* similar! Yours has better composition, though, and the fellow you captured has rather a longer neck than mine. Nicely done! Thank you for much for stopping by, and especially for your kind comment.

  7. W! O! W! WOW!!!! What a mindblowing collection, Heide! I‘m truly envious! You really got THE EYE! I find so much joy looking at your work, and find so much inspiration in it! Thanks for sharing! Marcus

    • 16 Heide

      Gosh, Marcus … I don’t know what to say. I’m SO HONORED that you enjoyed these images! I’m a huge admirer of your work, so your kind words truly make my week. Thank you!

  8. Wow! Spectacular! Hard to pick a favorite but I especially like the “Old Woman.”

    • 20 Heide

      Thank you so much, Tom … it’s high praise coming from you, with your wonderful eye. That frame of the Roma woman is among my all-time favorites too. Maybe in part because it was such a genuine moment of human connection for me. I’m going to bring a print of the portrait with me in hopes of seeing her again during my next trip.

  9. Hun your pictures are giving me a serious case of wanderlust envy! oh my lanta these are stunning! And on a day when it is gloomy and depressing (hello second Nor’easter 😦 ) these brightened my day! ❤

    • 22 Heide

      Ugh, Kate … I’m so sorry you’re once again in the path of a Nor’easter. 😦 I hope warm weather will follow in its wake and melt you out from under the piles of snow, though. Thank you for brightening MY day with your cheery presence and kind words. Big hug to you! xx

  10. Great set of images. Love the spider and the old railway cutting. 🙂

    • 24 Heide

      Thank you so much! I loved the spider too, even if I got a bit freaked out after taking the photo when I realized how close I had been to it. Totally worth a case of “the willies,” though! 😉

  11. Looking through this collection leaves me feeling uneasy in that I had no idea just how fine a photographer you are, Heide. And hopefully you should know that I love your work with your essays and musings. Some of these look familiar from other writings you’ve done. Is that the case? At any rate, this series stands out so. Very enjoyable. Where is the rail into the tunnel, from? My favorite. Good luck on the trip sighting things anew (familiar and not)!

    • 26 Heide

      I am blushing over your kind words, dear T-Fir — this is high praise indeed, coming from one of my very favorite fine photographers. Thank you!

      Yes, some of these are reruns (think of it as my “best of” compilation). And there’s a good chance you saw that rail tunnel before in this post:

      If ever we should have the good fortune of meeting up in Paris (a girl can dream, right?) I will take you for a stroll through the Petite Ceinture.

  12. Incredible shots! I so love the star trail shots. 🙂

    • 28 Heide

      Thank you for your kind comment! I really appreciate your stopping by — and I especially appreciate YOUR blog, which is wonderful. Congratulations from your newest subscriber! 🙂

  13. These photos are so lovely!!

  14. These are all spectacular! It is hard to pick a favorite but I love the staircase and all the door handles! Lovely collection!

    • 34 Heide

      The staircase is among my favorites too, because I remember how put out I was to be told I couldn’t use the elevator (“for handicapped only, and you don’t look handicapped”). But when I got to the top I realized the climb was *totally* worth the view! Anyway, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your stopping by!

  15. Magnificent !

  16. Love them all, Heide. Class! ❤

    • 38 Heide

      Thank you, Hanna! A compliment from you is *extra* special. ❤️

  17. I second what Marcus said. Truly inspiring! You are so talented. I loved them all, but the one of the older woman has to be my fav.

    • 40 Heide

      Oh, Mary Ann … you are so kind, and always so supportive. Thank you! If you ever want prints of anything, please just say the word. I was telling my better half just last night that there is no way we’ll ever repay your and Dan’s help during our move. You are a living definition of what it means to be good friends. ❤️

  18. Nice one dear

  19. Beautiful pictures. But i couldn’t identify all places.

  20. You’ve seen so much. I wonder how many small details I’ve missed as I’ve rushed by…

    • 49 Heide

      Ah, don’t be fooled — I miss plenty too! These are just the cream of the crop from the times I *was* paying attention. 🙂

      Apart from being grateful for your kind comment, I’m extra-glad you stopped by, because I’ve been thinking about you and your European trip! My husband and I went to hear Rick Steves (the PBS travel guy) speak last Sunday, and I thought you might consider checking out his tours. They keep the groups small — under 25 people — and strive for authentic, local experiences in addition to the usual “must see” tourist sights. But if nothing else there’s tons of helpful info and tips on his website: https://www.ricksteves.com/

      Hope all is well, and thank you (as always) for your kind words!

  21. Bonita entrada

  22. These are wonderful! Love to be taken on a journey, whether of images, words, music, or imagination – thank you! Photos ranging from sublime, humorous, majestic, and simply beautiful.

    • 54 Heide

      You have enough music and imagination inside of you to create entire universes, lovely Lara! But I’m honored you find these photos transporting as well. Thank you. xx

      • !! Many blessings and gratitudes for that, my friend :)) Have a great day/night filled with photo ops ; p

        • 56 Heide

          I’m sorry to report I didn’t take any interesting photos yesterday, dear Lara — but all the laundry is done, my fridge is clean, and the floors are spotless! Necessary steps before leaving town, dontcha know. 🙂

          • Ahh! Then I’ll anticipate some interesting pics from the “leaving town” “)) No pressure, though! Have an easy yet great trip, my friend:)

          • 58 Heide


  23. Nice shots H. The Creperie is my fav!

    • 60 Heide

      Thank you, MB! I like that shot also — it’s such a rich little moment in time, isn’t it? Cheers to you from across the pond!

  24. A wonderful collection of beautiful photos. Attention to details and richness of colour and spirit. I love them all.

    • 62 Heide

      What a kind compliment — especially coming from you, Mr. Draco. Thank you.

  25. I love the view from above of the person walking on the tiles, whatever they are and the market shot. They are all great though. Louise

    • 64 Heide

      Thank you so much, Louise! That overhead shot is from a window in the Louvre museum, with someone crossing through one of the cobblestone courtyards. I love that shot because it gives you an idea of the scale of the place (that’s just a portion of one of the MANY courtyards). Anyway. I greatly appreciate your stopping by, and especially your kind comment, Louise.

  26. What a gorgeous collection of photos, HB. You’ve really got the eye. I recognized Mont St. Michel immediately. How I would love to go back there one day. Isn’t it something? I see you’ve mastered a spider on a web photo. Those are incredibly hard to do. My hat is off to you.
    …and I still like hearing about Minnesota.

    • 66 Heide

      Isn’t Mont St. Michel SOMETHING? We had the privilege of staying on the island overnight, but I’m still dying to get back — it’s nothing short of magical (after the tourists leave, anyway). And thank you for your kind compliment about the spider webs. After years of disappointment, I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. Most of the time, anyway. 😉 As for Minnesota: No worries there; many more photos and stories to come. xoxo!

      • You spent the night on Mont St. Michel! Wow, wow, and wow. That must have been an experience of a lifetime. If you blogged about it, please share your link here. I would love to read your take.

        Spider webs are both tricky and beautiful. I try every summer and when I get a good pick, it’s mostly luck. I won’t give up, though. xo

        • 68 Heide

          It was REALLY cool to spend the night on the mountain — though we REALLY had to work for it (walking up 400+ steps with your luggage is even harder than it sounds!). I haven’t blogged about it yet, but have that post in the works.

          And yes, please don’t give up on the spider webs! Fewer than 10% of my photos turn out, but I never consider it wasted time because it invites me to contemplate nature. xoxo!

          • Oh I hadn’t even thought about all those stairs. They’re steep and narrow too as I recall. Still…sleeping on the mountain. Sigh

            Thanks for the pep talk on photographing spider webs. I see some impressive ones around August when it’s stinking hot here.

  27. Such as diversity of images. And all so lovely. Hard to pick a favourite. In fact I like them as a series as presented in this post.

    • 71 Heide

      What an ENORMOUS compliment, coming from such an accomplished photographer as yourself, Otto. Thank you.

      It was a fun exercise to choose my favorite photos, because I realized that most share a sense a stillness and a special quality of light. So during my next trip I’m going to challenge myself to seek more “active” images with more tension or motion. (Because it’s good to push ourselves, yes?)

      Anyway, thank you so much for making my week with your kind comment.

  28. Wow, have you ever considered a gallery show. Honestly, I’m blown away. Each one more captivating than the last. You have a wonder eye for composing a shot. I was also in Venice, but here, you’ve captured what my heart saw. My photo’s don’t translate the magnificence, jaw dropping beautiy that I feel in the moment. I haven’t been to the places in your other photo’s, but I *feel* the moment *you* were. That’s a real special skill. Thanks for sharing x Boomdee

    • 73 Heide

      My goodness. You sure do know how to give a compliment! Thank you so much … you’ve made my WEEK. I’ve never considered showing my photos outside of my living room and this blog … probably because I experience the same disappointment you do, in feeling that they never quite do the places I visit justice. But I’m so happy and honored that they convey to you some of the beauty and wonder I’ve seen during my travels! Thank you so much …

  29. Oh! wow….Those pictures are really mesmerizing and explains a lot about the place. Please share more!

    • 75 Heide

      Thank you so much for your kind words. And please stay tuned … many more to come! 🙂

  30. Incredible shots. What kind of camera do you use?

    • 77 Heide

      Thank you so much for your kind compliment! I use a Panasonic G7 as my everyday camera, and a Panasonic GX85 for my travels. For me they’re the perfect middle ground between the control of an SLR and the compactness of a point-and-shoot.

  31. 78 thesnarfy

    Wow this is great. I’m new to the WordPress and blogging world and I’m trying to find different blogs to follow and enjoy. This was one of the first suggested and I am pleased with where it led. These are awesome and fun photos. Someday I hope that our blog can feature rich content like this. Keep it up!

    • 79 Heide

      What a kind comment. Thank you! It takes a lot of time and effort to post longer-form content like this consistently, but it’s well worth it for the wonderful people I meet here. Welcome to WordPress, and best wishes for much fun and much success!

  32. Breathtaking clarity! Love the close up shots. Keep up the wonderful work!

    • 81 Heide

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Chris. And thank you also for the encouragement! You’ve made my day.

  33. Wow!! How did I miss this one Heide? Amazing photography, thank you for sharing.

    • 83 Heide

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Simon — I’m really honored you liked this set. More to come! 🙂

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