We’re used to wild weather forecasts in Minnesota. But for once, yesterday’s all-caps warning was no exaggeration.

Blizzard 2018 BLOG


If the warning from the National Weather Service sounded dire, the road conditions were even worse.

Blizzard 2018 MNDOT map BLOG

Once my friends and I realized we were toast, it didn’t take long for the weather humor to start making the rounds.

John Cole weasel lion winter 208995 BLOG

Minnesnowta BLOG

It also didn’t take long for me to get cabin fever, so at about 4 p.m. I headed outside. The snow was coming down at about two inches an hour, though, so there wasn’t much to see (bad visibility, dontcha know).

Bilzzard 2018 trees 1820985 CR BLOG

Blizzard 2018 1820951 CL CC BLOG

Blizzard 2018 1820981 CC BLOG

I did find one stranded/abandoned car against which to photograph the giant, wind-whipped snowflakes.

Blizzard 2018 car 1820987 BLOG

It served as a handy snow gauge when I ventured back out this morning.

Blizzard 2018 1830001 BLOG

There were buried cars everywhere, and shovels sticking out of the snow where their owners had given up (or maybe died) trying to clear a path.

Bilzzard 2018 1820998 BLOG

Blizzard 2018 SAAB 1830116 BLOG

Blizzard 2018 shovel 1830093 BLOG

Blizzard 2018 shovel 1830102 BLOG

But there were a few intrepid souls still at it, so I busied myself helping neighbors shovel their driveways and dig out their cars — including this couple, who posed American-Gothic-style on the way to the parking lot where they had beached their Mercedes.

Minnesota Gothic IMG_8486 BLOG

It took us a half hour of shoveling and pushing to free the dark-green beast, but I enjoyed every second of it. “Days like this bring out the best in people,” said my new friend Mark. I wish that were true every day.

On the way home I noticed that some of my neighbors had put out their lawn furniture prematurely …

Blizzard 2018 lawn chairs 1830051 BLOG

… including this realistic-looking cement dog that gets me every time.

Blizzard 2018 dog two 1830034 BLOG

Another had stuck a yardstick in the snow. It read 14 inches. And it was starting to snow again!

Fourteen inches IMG_8491 BLOG

My camera’s battery froze in the middle of all this, so I dug out my phone. Sadly it decided to focus on the fluffy flakes instead of the intended subjects, and my frozen fingers couldn’t convince it otherwise.

I suppose my phone was right because the snow really was the main story …

Dueling snowblowers IMG_8537 BLOG

Snowy dogwalk IMG_8520 BLOG

It’s been fun to witness yet another record-breaking storm but the snow can stop anytime now.

Blizzard 2018 stop 1830013 BLOG

And if not, I suppose there is always Plan B …

Minnesota Spring problem funny BLOG



  1. That was my thought about the weather gurus. For once they truly got this one right.

    • My husband just called to report that the (major) roads are clear, so it looks like things are returning to normal already, Margaret. Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind words!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Anthony! I’m glad it’s not so bad up in your neck of the woods … though maybe wait until June next year before you remove the snow tires, eh? 😉

      • I just didn’t want to that person who’s still driving around on snow tires when it is obviously way past the time.
        You know that person. You see them driving and you just shake your head.
        I might have learned my lesson…but we’ll only know that for sure next year.

        • I guess it depends on your perspective: I’d rather be the person who is driving in snow tires long after the plows have hibernated than to be the person stuck in a ditch. 🙂

          • I have heard, accurate or not, that at about 10 degrees Celsius, snow tires lose their grip. I wrongly thought we would hover around that mark these days.

          • That sounds very scientific — but I’ve never heard that. I think you’ve taught me something new today!

          • Please don’t take my word for it. Do your own research–maybe consult your insurance company (who should give you a discount for having snow tires), or more knowledgeable people. I am only quoting things I have read in the Wheels section of the Toronto Star. I could be wrong.
            I hope you are well and the weather doesn’t affect any of your plans and activities.

          • Quoting the Toronto Star is good enough for me, Anthony! (You guys don’t have fake news up in Canada, do you?) All joking aside, we are all well, thank you. Esteban decided to brave the storm to play poker with his guy friends, but it’s only about a mile’s drive for them all so I’m hopeful no one will get into too much trouble. Plus, we could use some quarters for the laundry! Ha ha.

  2. Thanks for this very funny look at your storm and nice pics. We aren’t getting hammered by snow but it is still very cold for mid-April in Montreal…Good luck with digging out of this one! (Suzanne)

    • Sorry you’re having a cold spring so far too, Suzanne. I’m hopeful summer will be worth the wait for all of us in these northern climes! In the meantime, thanks for the encouragement — and for stopping by as well. Cheers from your neighbor to the south!

      • One day growing up we got a shellacking of snow, several feet I recall. Mom pained a sign that said FREE SNOW and stuck it in the five-foot pile at the end of the driveway. A photographer for the local paper happened to drive by so he photographed it and the paper ran the shot on the front page.

        • Haha! I love your mom’s sense of humor, Jim. And how wonderful that the photographer just happened by, too! I bet that’s a classic in your local paper’s archives.

  3. That map is something! At least you were able to avoid “By Golly!” because that would have been really bad.

    You would probably agree that April in Paris is not only a great song but also good advice for Minnesotans. 🙂

    • HAHA! Thank you for not just one but TWO huge smiles, J.P. Yes, indeed … “by golly” would have been really bad, but I may still utter those terrible words if it doesn’t stop soon. Or maybe run away to Paris again. That seems like *great* advice! 🙂

    • The news of your expected heat wave does indeed cheer me up! It adds an extra layer of allure to my Paris daydreams. But don’t worry *too* much about us; it’s supposed to be above freezing during the day in the coming week, so I expect much of this will melt just as quickly as it fell. Just the same, thank you for the encouraging words and bright thoughts!

  4. Great blog🙂👍! Thank you for writing this. Sitting in Wausau WI, it’s the same thing. I moved here a few months ago to stop crazy traveling life and avoiding humidity. Oh well…lol. I have to say folks are incredibly helpful around here. Kudos to you to even try and venture out. I usually am up and moving but not yesterday and today. ❤ your last two pics and thoughts on record snow and plan B! Well , next week they say its 30’s and no snow…yay, i guess🙂

    • If you had to pick a place to settle down, the Midwest was an excellent choice. As you say: Folks are incredibly kind and helpful, and at least we don’t get hurricanes or earthquakes. Plus, you are right that next week we’ll soar into the 30s and maybe even the 40s! It’s crazy how good that feels after a weekend like we’ve just had. Take good care, and thank you so much for stopping by!

    • This is A LOT of snow. (Want some? I’ll mail it to you for free! LOL.) Glad you enjoyed the memes — I’m proud to say I made “Plan B” myself! 🙂

  5. As much as I am over the weather, (We had eighty degrees yesterday..Yay and now it is forty today WTF?!?!) these pictures are stunning! Also I would file a complaint with the neighbors who put out their lawn furniture..They jinxed you! ;p
    Joking aside, I hope you guys (I hope WE ALL!) get Spring soon! Stay warm! ❤

    • Haha! I hadn’t thought of it like that, but you’re right: Those people who put out the lawn chairs are TOTALLY to blame for all of this. I will exact my revenge this summer by relaxing with a cold beverage in their yard. 🙂 And all joking aside, right back at ya with the wishes that all this WTF business is over soon. After our adventures this winter, you and I could both use a quiet, calm spring. :). xx!

      • Right?!?! There should be some sort of law that they have to shovel yards in april or something 😛 Or just allow everyone to use their chairs ;p LOL.
        Bwahaha Thanks beauty! I was hoping it was, but nope back to forties and thirties today 😦 Yes! I hear you! hopefully soon. Right? Maybe? Kinda? Spring is coming right? Lol. ❤

        • I think anyone who even *proposed* a yard-shoveling law would be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. So I’m just going to keep quiet on that one (even though it *would* help the mental state to see even a tiny patch of lawn). Thank you for starting my day with a big smile! 😀

    • Thank you, MB! It’s not as exciting as a camel race, but a good blizzard passes for entertainment in Minnesota. 🙂

  6. I am rolling on the floor laughing! My father was born and raised in Minneapolis. To this day, the closer I get to Minnesota, the more I use the proper Minnesotan accent. Doncha no!

    • How wonderful to have your (virtual) company on this stroll, Mark! Though I would like it even more if I got to see you *for real* sometime. Maybe Insight Brewery one of these evenings or weekends? In the meantime, I am doing my best anti-snow dance in hopes it will indeed “Stop. Any time.”

  7. Yes, Mother Nature: please stop snowing! Nice pics Heide. When I scrolled through the pictures before reading the text, I thought the dog was real. Really like that photo!

    • I’m relieved that someone as sharp-eyed as yourself would also get fooled by that “dog,” Tom. It really does stop me in my tracks every time! When the roads are passable again I’d love to invite you and Melanie over for a *real* stroll through the neighborhood. But first, MUST KEEP DIGGING. 🙂

  8. It has been a crazy weekend! I can’t believe all the snow! My kids are off school today and enjoying it. We couldn’t get out of our house until last night.

    • I hope you had been able to stock up on treats and games before the snow hit! I imagine the only thing worse than being stuck indoors all weekend is being stuck indoors with a couple of bored, antsy kids. 🙂 But on the bright side: Maybe we’ll hit 60 by next weekend. Wheeee!

  9. Oh, I do like your neighbourly spirit, Heide! Also that cement dog. 🙂 I do hope April will go out like a lamb, and that May will bring nothing but flowers. Only two weeks until then! x

    • Right now it seems impossible that May is only two weeks away, Mel — but by golly, you’re right! Surely in MAY it can’t snow? 🙂 Here’s hoping for a lamb-like end of the month, both in my neck of the woods and in yours. Bonne journée ! xx

    • It’s a good thing I didn’t have to dig *at all,* Hanna — after the winter we’ve had, I probably would have lost all composure and said some really naughty words. 🙂 But thank you for YOUR kind words. You always brighten my day!

    • There are many days I can’t imagine living here either, dear Penelope! I think it’s time for me to (virtually) wander over to Andalusia and imagine myself being elsewhere for a while. 🙂 xx

    • I’ll put a cubic meter or two in the post for you right away! Can’t guarantee it will still be snow by the time it reaches you, but if the news reports are correct you could use some water in any form. (Except steam, perhaps.) Well … I do hope the infernal heat will end for you soon. And if not, come visit! At the rate we’re going, it’s bound to be below freezing here for at least another month.

  10. Missing the snow and the beauty! Here in Texas we’re scheduled to be ‘unseasonably warm’ today with a temperature of 87. Slapping on suntan lotion down here!

    • You know how they say “the grass is always greener on the other side”? 87 and sunny sounds like PARADISE to me right now. Enjoy a bit of it for me, will you please? 🙂

  11. meanwhile….. ah no, I won’t say it – or should I?
    I don’t want to make you (more) miserable than you’re already!
    So I shan’t talk about my washing hanging outside and drying more quickly than the washing cycle takes…., or that my garden is a riot of tulips, etc in all colours under the blazing sun and that the birds are driving the neighbours’ cats crazy
    But I NEED to tell you how wonderful this post was, the great pictures and the brilliant texts – and I really, really DO pity you for all that snow, good neighbourly help or not – it should be nearly BBQ time now not snow shovelling!
    Sending my love and greetings – and some spring(y) thoughts to you, K

    • Oh, lovely Kiki … but please DO tell me about your laundry, and the flowers. Are the cherry blossoms in their full glory? Or are they past peak already, covering the ground with a carpet of pink petals? I know you’ve had a terrible winter also, so it gives me hope that spring can’t be too far behind for us, your neighbors across the pond.

      I’ve also been meaning to ask you what ever became of your fence after the big spring floods. Has that been repaired, I hope? I did think of you when I was in Paris and saw how swollen the Seine still was. It seems the weather gods have gone mad this year! xx

  12. Omgosh, you make me laugh! That’s just banana’s in every sense of the word! Geez Louise, enough already with the snow hey? The rabid monkey pretty much sums things up nicely. Glad you all are continueing with good humour. What else can ya do really? We’ve had spills of snow, as recent as Friday last, but it doesn’t hang around long because the sun is warmer now and the extended daylight hours help too I suppose.
    Hopefully, no dead neighbours will be exposed when all that snow finally does melt….snicker, you’re a hoot! 😀

    • The only response to snow in April is to laugh. (In fact, that’s pretty much my baseline response to all stressful situations — which is why you never want to sit next to me at a trial or a funeral.) And I do join you in hoping that no dead neighbors will emerge as the white stuff melts! Though I suspect I’ll encounter at least one flattened or mummified squirrel: There seems to be a law that requires at least one per acre. Anyway. I’m glad to hear that things are thawing out in your neck of the woods — and happy to report the same here. With a bit of luck, by next weekend we’ll both be frolicking in our bikinis! Or a reasonable facsimile thereof. 😉 xx!

      • OMG ! Laughing so hard now……I would definitely sit beside you at a trial but might will take your advice for funerals 😀 😀
        I shall leave the bikini frolicking to you and other fit mavens of summer. I’m beginning to think those Berka wearing chicks got a good thing going….gak, bahahaha ❤

        • Welcome to the long list of people who actively avoid me at serious social occasions! 😀

          As for that bikini comment: Oh, I’m not fit! But after being buried under four layers of wool all winter I’m so white that I would blind anyone who looked directly at me, so they’d be so busy shielding their precious eyes they wouldn’t notice the flab, ha ha.

    • Your kind wishes are coming true, Otto — it’s melting by the bucket even as I type! I’m greatly looking forward to taking a walk this weekend and actually feeling pavement under my feet. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by!

    • Guess what, Dalo? The snow is almost gone already! The temperatures climbed into the 50s yesterday, and today’s forecast of 60 will probably do away with the rest of it. We’re all in shock at the difference from one weekend to the next here — but supremely grateful too. Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your encouraging words!

    • Haha! It was indeed beginning to feel like the Hundred Years’ Winter. I must post an update, though, because it all melted last weekend and now everyone is running around in sandals. The weather can be crazy here! Thank you so much for stopping by.

      • I understand about the weather being crazy. Because in South Australia here, the weather can’t decide what it wants to be. It is constantly changing from hot to cold right now.

        • My friend Keith, who lives in Adelaide, has said the same. I thought the ocean would maybe moderate things along the coast but he said it’s been unusually unpredictable. Well, hang in there, Racheal! Fingers crossed things will settle down soon as winter sets in for you in earnest. Cheers!

    • Ooh, what a wonderful compliment! I agree that the snow bestows a magical quality to otherwise everyday scenes.

  13. I’m actually jealous. I love snow. We got the short end of the stick (the yardstick, that is) with that storm here in Michigan. We only got maybe 4-6 inches of white stuff, and then several hours of freezing rain (I hate rain – especially freezing rain). The rain packed the snow down so much that my feet didn’t even sink into the stuff the next day. I usually take a bunch of pictures when we have a storm, but I was so disappointed in what we got that I only took one or two, and they weren’t even of the storm itself, but of the fact that the weight of the ice and snow collapsed the roof over the woodpile. All the kids were happy, though, because the roads were still treacherous come Monday morning, so they didn’t have to go to school.

    • Aww. I’m so sorry you got skunked on that last storm — and what a pity about the roof over your woodpile! Freezing rain is my most-hated weather phenomenon too, so I feel your pain. But now we have thunderstorms too look forward to … and another winter in a few months (yay!) which I hope will be a bit less disappointing for you. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

  14. Seems like either I have been hibernating (well in a way I have) or I’ve just simply missed 2,000 of your latest pictures and stories. Absolutely brilliant Heide! Love those knockers.

    • It’s impossible to keep up with everything sometimes — but I’m always honored when you find something here you feel is worth your time. Thank you SO MUCH, Yann!

  15. Just noticed that *this* is where you can comment on your blog – (maybe you have other areas too – but haven’t found those other areas as of yet then…) I actually found it interesting that you didn’t ‘allow comments’ – I can surely relate to this… is there a reason behind this? Just was curious….

    • I do in fact allow comments, as you can see! If you scroll to the bottom of each post you should always be able to see a field where you can leave comments. But because I get a lot of spam, all of my comments go into moderation now so my readers aren’t exposed to scams and junk.

  16. oh yeah – one more thing wanted to mention – but forgot – I saw your “legal” thingy – don’t think you need ‘that – here’ – I mean, frankly – this is ‘word-press’ – where everything is on google/google images/google etc…. . and ‘open and free’ for the whole world – its almost like with that youre trying to make ‘mountain out of a molehill’

    • Whenever you invite participation in a public forum I think it’s good to have some ground rules (as WordPress itself does). I realize I can’t control what people do with my content or my photos — but if they were to republish or sell my work as their own, having the copyright clause would at least give me some recourse to protect my intellectual property. Also, in the United States you can get sued for almost anything (including serving too hot a cup of coffee, or not warning someone to keep their hands out of a blender) so it’s a good idea to explicitly outline the purpose of one’s blog and the limits of its liability. Plus, I needed someplace to put my GDPR disclosure and this fit the bill. Whether all of that is a mountain or a molehill is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose … but it’s my blog, and it was my choice to establish some legal parameters whether that’s strictly necessary or not.

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