Spring must be close

It’s been only two weeks since the record-setting late-season hyphenated-expletive snowstorm, but it already feels like a lifetime ago.

Plow driver kid 1830354 BLOGOur plow guy’s son pretty much summed it up.

Last weekend brought temperatures in the 60s (15.5 Celsius) and a thaw so rapid you could literally hear the ground sucking in the snowmelt. I was giddy to see the first patches of green, and my first robin.

Thaw 1830897 BLOG

Robin 1830871 BLOG

Esteban and I went for a walk one evening and marveled at how late the sun set.

Sunset in woods 1830961 BLOG

Since then it’s been cool again, but the sunlight has still encouraged the little things to molt and pop out of the earth and end their hibernation. So yesterday I put put on the close-up lens and recorded my first blade of grass …

Blade of grass 1840832 BLOG

… and a downy feather …

Fallen feather 840942 BLOG

… and the first delicate bluebells blooming in a neighbor’s lawn. (Never mind the awkward moment when she and her son came home from soccer practice to find me lying belly-down on their lawn; totally worth it.)

Bluebells 1850059 BLOG

On my way home I noticed more bluebells growing among another neighbor’s forgotten rake. Did he give up in the middle of his fall raking and never venture back out, I wonder?

Rake 1850106 BLOG

Back at home, I paused for a closer look at the plants and flowers I pass every day in the hallways. There’s something to be said for living in a building full of green thumbs.

Attempt one 1850220 BLOG

Buds of some kind 1840077 BLOG

Chlorophyll 1840401 BLOG

Dew drop 1840605 BLOG

I got a bit obsessed with the drop of dew on this lily.

Drop of dew 1840475 BLOG

Drop of dew 1840514 BLOG

And I wondered what on earth would possess and insect to crawl into an orchid. Isn’t it kind of terrifying?

Orchid 1840110 BLOG

But if you look closely enough, I suppose the same could be said of most flowers.

Pink petals 1850233 CX BLOG

As evening fell, the tags from Esteban’s and my teabags summed up the wisdom of the day. Nature has not hurried this year, but spring seems close — and maybe soon the earth will laugh in flowers.

Emerson and Tsu quotes 1850176 BLOG


    • Thank you! I’m glad too — I was a little worried a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t going to make it. 😉

  1. Hello my dear! Coming for a visit here is like an evening out. First stop, a fun comedy show, then a gorgeous gallery 😀 It’s almost like we are living parallel springs. Maybe like ‘The Far Side’ 😀 But then I see your beautiful and stunningly composed images and think, “no, it’s not all about the laughs here, this woman has skills” ! Even the young boy laying in the snow makes me pause for a moment longer than most snow piles. I can honestly see why you were so captivated by a simple drop of dew. Mesmerizing in the lens of your magic camera! LOL, I would love to see the look on your neighbours face as they drive up to find you laying on their lawn. We’ve had a couple of stunning days but back to the drab, grey, damp, coolness we’re becoming used too so I too basically stocked the first Robin I saw as it hopped around the yard. I think it must have wondered about the snow still in the shade. Gah! x K

    • Your kind comment is making me blush! I was tempted to actually list all the swear words I uttered during that blizzard but decided to keep it family-friendly — but I’m sure you were able to read between the lines, LOL. And isn’t that drop of dew gorgeous? Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me because I get so enraptured by these ridiculous things, so I’m reassured you find them beautiful too. Sorry to hear you’ve been beset by drab, gray skies, though. BOOO! I will see if I can send some of our sun your way so Mr. Robin won’t have to wonder about those last bits of snow anymore. Thank you for stopping by, and especially for brightening my day with your sweet comment! xx

  2. Beautiful pictures! I guess spring makes different people look at different things. I enjoy seeing lowered convertible tops and folks dining outdoors. But the pictures aren’t as impressive. 🙂

    • What a great observation, J.P. — we do all notice different things! Though I’m not sure photos of lowered convertible tops would be unimpressive … I suppose it might depend on who is sitting inside? 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your kind words.

    • I hope Cleveland will welcome you home with a profusion of blooms, Christina! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your kind words.

  3. Lovely photos. You are definitely sending the message that Spring is here.
    Though, I woke up to a layer of snow (not frost, snow) on the ground and car. Thankfully, it was gone by noon.

    • Booo! I’m sorry to hear you’re still getting snow, Anthony. That’s crazy! But fingers crossed that the (relatively) warm weather we’re enjoying here will start making its way northward to you too.

      • It comes and goes. I have been assured that it will be warmer today.
        As for northward,… I am not great at cartography, but I suspect that I am south of you.
        Have an awesome day.

        • I’m TERRIBLE at directions, Anthony — which is why I refer to all of Canada as “north.” But regardless of your location, I’m glad today is looking more temperate. Cheers!

  4. It is good to hear that Spring is there. The photos look so beautiful. You have a talent for photography. What happened when the neighbours came home and discovered you in there lying down in there lawn? I love the close ups of the plants – you’re a better photographer than me!

    • What happened when the neighbors came home? They stared at me until I stood up and offered an explanation. Then they stood in their driveway and watched me go, to make sure I wouldn’t come back and lie down on their lawn again. I felt awkward, but it was also very funny. At least they’ll have something to discuss at the dinner table, ha ha.

      And thank you for your kind words about my photos! I still have so much to learn (and am usually a bit disappointed by how they turn out) but it’s a fun hobby, and it makes me happy. Just like your comment! 🙂

  5. YAy! I am SO happy spring is finally deciding to well Spring ;p Lol. Your pictures are stunning as always. I love the various states of Spring you have captured! Thank you for sharing and I hope it continues to inch up to warmer temps! ❤

    • YAY! I made this post with you in mind, Tom — both to show you what I was talking about, and to brush up my skills a bit before I tried to be a know-it-all. 🙂 Wait until you start making photos like these yourself; then you’ll *really* be hooked. As for spring … a Yogi Berra quote seems appropriate: “I’ll see it when I believe it.” Ha ha.

  6. Heidebee, what a stunning assembly of photos! I love that blade of grass and the wonderful drop of dew on the lily. Isn’t nature something? I giggled at your explanation of the fallen rake. Maybe its user spotted one of those insects in the flowers and made a run for it. I’m delighted to hear you are surrounded by green thumb gardeners indoors, even on the coldest days.

    Spring has arrived at last!

    • Nature is indeed something, dear Alys! The profusion of shapes and colors dazzles me anew each spring. The sense of wonder that washes over me each year almost makes the winters worthwhile! Almost. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the photos … and thank you for brightening my day with your sweet comment. xx

  7. Those are such beautiful and outstanding close-ups, Heide. I’ve always felt the most wonderful feeling of peace or magical reward when I worked this way (not that my output compares to yours in the least)…… always I’m left with the overwhelming sensation my ordinary backyard or neighborhood represents an infinite world of possibilities that will occupy me for the rest of my life if only I allow it and there’s no need to fret about next for inspiration. Do you know what I mean? Partly it’s springtime, sure.

    I’ve felt discouraged to comment or correspond until I mailed you the housewarming present, I had put that restriction on myself. I’m such a procrastinating poophead, lol! I’ve enjoyed your recent essays and pictures. I’m glad the danger of frostbite has passed.

    • Ah, T-Fir … I’ve seen your photos, so I don’t believe for a second that they would not equal (or surpass!) the ones I’ve posted here. But that’s not the point of it for either of us, is it? You’ve described so beautifully how I feel about having rediscovered macro photography. Even ordinary objects — Altoids tins, coins, bits of lint — become interesting when you pause to examine them more closely. Though perhaps you have a point that partly I’m high on spring. 🙂

      And what’s this about a housewarming present — and putting a restriction on yourself until you mailed it … and being a procrastinating poophead? That last one sounds like too harsh a self-judgment for a man who is engaged in the task of raising two boys (and doing so admirably, from what I can tell). As for the rest, I’m grateful in advance for your thoughtfulness … and grateful also to read your kind words here. It is truly a joy to hear from you.

  8. I love the blade of grass. I hear Minneapolis had the national high temp today at 84 F. What a change a couple of weeks can make. Enjoy spring.

  9. Great to see that spring is inching its way back into existence for you ~ great shot of the kid in the snow, perfect feeling. And also throughout your photos, your DOF is to be marveled. Wonderful.

    • Thank you so much, both for your sentiments and your kind compliment! Have you ever tried an extension tube? They turn almost any lens into a macro — and when paired with my little f/1.7 pancake they create this crazy-shallow DOF. It’s a challenge to control the focus, though, as you see in at least one of my images. But who cares? It’s fun, and it opens up a whole new world of photographic possibilities.

        • A compliment means WORLDS coming from you. Thank you! I will look forward to seeing your macro work too if you find those extension tubes. 😉

    • Thank you, Trudi! Sometimes when I get busy with my daily life I forget how beautiful the little details are, in only I pause to notice. Wishing YOU a beautiful day in Bruges today!

  10. Heide, oh wow, these images are gorgeous. The detail and colours are amazing.
    Now that Spring is here in Jersey I will have to venture out and try to capture some of the beauty that Jersey has to offer in the way of flowers and plant life so that you can see it.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

    • I would *love* to see how spring manifests itself in flowers in Jersey, Simon! It’s always fascinating to see how different the plant life is in other parts of the world.

  11. Being late for the spring-begin party is absolutely inadmissible. But I have had my reasons – all the more I’m now enjoying the quick thawing of your world and the fabulous shots of the wakening of your macro-plants…. Wonder over wonder. 🙂

  12. Look at the cell structures of the green plant! The velvety textured look on that orchid?! I absolutely love these. Just beautiful photography.

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