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Esteban and I have been fans of the Cirque du Soleil since we saw Alegria in 2002, when the circus’ trademark Big Top appeared along the riverfront in Minneapolis. It seems like a lifetime ago. Since then, the new Guthrie Theater has sprouted on the same spot and the 35W bridge has collapsed. The Cirque […]

Think of all the cheesy “sisterhood” merchandise you’ve seen over the years. For me, those soft-focus greeting cards and laser-etched picture frames never quite ring true. Here’s what does resonate, though: Spending an afternoon with two great friends who just happen to be relatives. My sister R is in town this week. So this afternoon […]

Circus ethics


Last night Esteban and I went to see the Cirque du Soleil’s show, “Kooza.” Like their other oddly named productions, Kooza was imaginative and visually stunning. Unlike the other Cirque shows we’ve seen, though, this one seemed over-the-top dangerous. There was one act—two guys in opposing gyroscopic, rotating metal drums—I could hardly watch. One misstep, […]