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I had a wild weekend. Not in the “Dad, can you please post my bail?” kind — more in the John Muir sense: Come to the woods, for here is rest. There is no repose like that of the green deep woods. Here grow the wallflower and the violet … On Friday evening I strolled […]

On Sunday we “sprang ahead” by setting our clocks forward one hour. For most Americans, the switch to Daylight Saving Time is a sign of spring. But in Minnesota it usually seems like a cruel joke: The evenings may be longer, but the sun is still feeble and purely ornamental. Just one week ago, in […]

Last weekend I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to have a walk around Como Lake in St. Paul. One of the ways you can determine the temperature in wintry Minnesota — apart from timing how long it takes your extremities to freeze solid — is to listen to the snow. Really! When it’s […]

Fall is my favorite season in Minnesota. I love the crisp air and the clear, dark nights. I love the instinctive drive to gather food and blankets. But most of all I love the colors — and the light. The leaves are subdued so far this year, muted by a dry and hot summer. Maybe […]

One of the things I love about living in the Twin Cities is the lakes: There’s nothing like an early-morning walk along the water to start the day. Usually my lakeside walks are brisk and purposeful—and that was my intent yesterday morning as I set off toward Como Lake in search of some exercise. What […]

For the first time in my life, I’ve entered a photo contest. I know I don’t stand a chance in the PX3. (Last year’s overall winner was Howard Schatz.) But I decided recently that—to grow as a photographer—I’ve got to take a chance. So tonight I submitted some of my favorite images from 2010. In […]

As a Minnesota resident, I’m keenly aware of life’s cyclical nature: Every three months the landscape changes from icy gray to spring’s baby green, to the fall’s rich red and gold. I enjoy Minnesota’s dramatic seasons. But what I truly love is the smaller, subtler shifts that pass most people by. During my walk around […]

I walk around Como Lake at least once a week. Unlike some of the other Twin Cities lakes that attract hard-core runners and bikers, Como Lake is favored mostly by walkers and families. The mellower pace agrees with me—especially in the evenings, when the cool air and quiet spread like a blanket across the lake. […]