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As an amateur photographer I have lots of bad habits, but by far the worst is not looking at my photos after I take them. Over time, the weight of all those photos becomes oppressive, as it can take hours to sort through my mostly crappy snapshots to pick out a handful of favorites. Eventually […]

I don’t have time to write much today—probably because I spent too much time surfing instead. So as today’s lame Post-a-Day 2011 Challenge entry, I’m pleased to present the first annual HBlog Surfy Awards. Please, hold your applause …   Best cure for existential angst: Minnesota’s night sky, by my former colleague Brian Peterson   […]

“Is time-management right for you?” That was the title of a mock seminar that my colleague Seth recommended today. Except that I didn’t get the ‘mock’ part. “Isn’t time-management technically right for everyone?” I wrote back. Duh, H. In a moment of synchronicity, I found my notes from a presentation I attended last November. The […]

One of my favorite things about working with a dozen really creative people is overhearing their really creative conversations. The highlight came tonight, when one of the art directors confessed to being a creature of habit about something or other. My fellow writer’s retort? “Creature of Habit: It sounds like a movie about nuns who become werewolves.”