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As I write this my friends in Freiburg, Germany are gathering to remember the woman we called Gundi. I only vaguely remember the first time I met Hildegund Dörflinger, because I was already wobbly on Christmas-market Glühwein when I arrived at her bar. But I do remember that she made me feel instantly welcome. Gundi, […]

During my first visit to Freiburg, Germany, one of the things that most impressed me was the meticulously cobbled streets. So precisely cut are the stones that you can walk on them for hours without tiring — and the mosaics are as much of a feast for the eyes as the shop windows above them. […]

I admit it: I feel a bit nerdy confessing I collect stamps. I’m not sure how it all started, but I think it’s my father’s fault. He used to travel a lot for work, so he had friends all over the planet. And occasionally these friends would send us a letter, like this one: Within […]

According to an eyewitness who survived the bombing, the residents of Freiburg never saw it coming. They had every reason to think they’d be spared: Their small city in the foothills of Germany’s Black Forest had no military installations, and it was not on the Allies’ target list. Plus, they knew that British Prime Minister […]

Yesterday I wrote about the impact one’s choice of lodging can have on a trip — and about the unexpected joys of occasionally staying further afield. Such was the case in the beautiful little city of Freiburg im Breisgau, which lies in the foothills of Germany’s Schwartzwald (Black Forest). You need not be a cartographer […]

One of the least-discussed truths about travel is that your lodging sets the tone for everything — which is why I sometimes pay a bit more to stay in the heart of a city. But, as I learned last December in Freiburg, straying off the beaten path can sometimes yield its own delightfully unexpected rewards. […]

Every year, one of the companies I write for puts out a calendar for its representatives. And every year, the calendar rakes in a bunch of awards for everything from the concept and design to the color reproduction. So when the art director suggested last year that we “pitch” the idea of an all-Munro-photo calendar, […]

In some ways, 2012 has been one of my worst years yet. But in many others it’s also been one of my best. Here are a few of my happy photographic memories — along with my wishes for a very happy, very healthy year ahead. Cheers! In January, we rang in the new year with […]

I adore my friend Laurice for a million different reasons. She’s smart, cool, funny, kind, a wonderful mom, and an unbelievable cook. She’s also incredibly creative and generous — and I’m always grateful when I’m on the receiving end of her creativity and generosity. Such was the case a few months ago, when she surprised […]

I’ve been home for more than a month, but I’m still sorting through the photos from my last vacation. I hope you won’t mind an occasional trip back to Europe as I get caught up. Today’s post is about an epic evening with The Kilkennys. Whenever I plan a trip, I do a bit of […]

“Back with more tomorrow … in German.” So much for the promise I made on May 1. The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity: I’ve shot over 2,000 photos, hung out with 12 friends, attended three concerts, gone on two hikes, visited two markets, climbed one cathedral, and slept, oh … about […]

I was a bit reluctant to leave Paris last November, when I hopped the train to Freiburg. But I soon forgot my misgivings: I fell in love with Freiburg at first sight. So I wasn’t too surprised this morning to find myself surfing for blogs about this beautiful German city. The first hit was something […]