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International Holocaust Remembrance Day passes mostly unnoticed in the United States. But would Americans maybe take a greater interest if they knew Hitler had been devising a “Final Solution” for North America, too? At least that’s what a book recently acquired by the Library and Archives of Canada suggests. Taken from Hitler’s own bookshelf, “Statistik, […]

Today is Holocaust Martyrs Remembrance Day, and I wanted to post something to mark the occasion. I’ve written before about being moved by the memorial plaques that dot Paris’ streets … about the brilliant individuals—like Hélène Berr—whose lives were senselessly snuffed out … about mass actions against the innocent. But today I’m not going to […]

Every time I visit Paris, I’m struck anew by the memorials to the deported. Some are simple plaques that honor an individual sacrifice. Other memorials mourn a school’s murdered children. A few—like the Vel’d’Hiv monument, and the Mémorial des Martyrs de la Déportation—commemorate the Holocaust’s massive inhumanity. The numbers are incomprehensible: By the time the […]