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On my desktop sits a folder called “funnies.” Some of its contents date back to the earliest days of the internet, so I no longer remember their source. The internet circa 1973. I had a lot fewer bookmarks back then. But no matter: Whenever I’m having a rough day, the “funnies” file always brings a […]

At the risk of turning this blog into a vapid regurgitation of the things my friends share on social media, I can’t resist posting these hilarious 10-second career snapshots. Don’t see your job listed? Don’t worry. More are being added every day. And remember: It’s never too late to switch careers!

I have a mole on my face that—if left untended—sprouts enough hairs to resemble a small tarantula. I also have downy cheek fuzz that makes me look a bit like an Ewok. And to add insult to injury, my furriness seems to be increasing with age. All of this to explain why I was searching […]

Esteban and I had dinner with our friends Darren and Laurice last weekend. They’re two of the kindest people we know. But — as further proof that life is utterly unfair — they’ve been beset by misfortunes lately. The most recent was the discovery that Laurice has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Hers is a rare case, a […]

There are few things I love more than an orthographic malfunction: With the loss of a single “r,” a book can instantly go from sexy to savage! My friend Tom (aka., The Blogfodder) reminded me of this fact today with a wonderful piece titled The Prince of Typos. Make that The Price of Typoes. Uh, […]

It would be hard to estimate how much money I’ve wasted on eBay. Most of my mistakes have been minor, thank goodness. Others—a Coach purse, some Timberland boots, and a handful of cameras—I’ve been able to resell. But a couple of my eBay purchases have been so hideous that the only appropriate response was to […]

I’ve missed several calls recently because I didn’t hear my phone ringing in the depths of my camera bag. “Why don’t they %^$&*! make ringtones that get progressively louder?” I’ve asked myself each time. Today I found the answer to my prayers. Granted … it’s not for everyone. But if you want to make sure […]

“With lots of lice, XO” That’s the sweet sentiment my iPhone sent my friend Jim a couple of weeks ago, in its infinite autocorrect wisdom. (Because nothing says “love ya, buddy!” like the gift of lice.) And just yesterday my phone inserted “leper” into an email I was writing my sister. (Don’t worry, sis — […]

Mushroom porn


I’ve been looking forward to today since February. That’s when my friend Pam and I set the date for our annual morel mushroom hunt. “Is this our third year, or our fourth?” I asked Pam today as we tromped through the woods. “I think it’s our third,” she replied from down the trail. And she’s […]

Have you ever watched someone fight valiantly to stay awake? That was me this afternoon. I have no idea why anyone would schedule a two-hour meeting right after lunch—and with copious charts and diagrams, no less. At first it was just my eyelids that felt heavy, then my head and arms. Finally my entire body […]