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International Holocaust Remembrance Day passes mostly unnoticed in the United States. But would Americans maybe take a greater interest if they knew Hitler had been devising a “Final Solution” for North America, too? At least that’s what a book recently acquired by the Library and Archives of Canada suggests. Taken from Hitler’s own bookshelf, “Statistik, […]

During my first visit to Freiburg, Germany, one of the things that most impressed me was the meticulously cobbled streets. So precisely cut are the stones that you can walk on them for hours without tiring — and the mosaics are as much of a feast for the eyes as the shop windows above them. […]

Every time I visit Paris, I’m struck anew by the memorials to the deported. Some are simple plaques that honor an individual sacrifice. Other memorials mourn a school’s murdered children. A few—like the Vel’d’Hiv monument, and the Mémorial des Martyrs de la Déportation—commemorate the Holocaust’s massive inhumanity. The numbers are incomprehensible: By the time the […]