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My friend Uta has invited me countless times to the cabin she and her husband bought three years ago in northern Minnesota, near Lake Superior. Her persistence finally paid off last weekend when we sandwiched a visit between winter storms and work obligations. Yes, you read that right: winter storms. The North Shore is famous […]

Carpe autumnus


It’s been a strange fall in Minnesota: The leaves have been muted this year, and it’s been unusually warm. So warm, in fact, that last week we had two days of dense fog. But nothing lasts long in this part of the world (except maybe winter). The leaves are mostly gone now, victims of last […]

Fall is my favorite season in Minnesota. I love the crisp air and the clear, dark nights. I love the instinctive drive to gather food and blankets. But most of all I love the colors — and the light. The leaves are subdued so far this year, muted by a dry and hot summer. Maybe […]