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After shooting some 15,000 frames in the past 12 months it took me a while to choose my 2016 Picture of the Year. But here it is, at last: Supermoon over Downtown. I know what you’re thinking. “IT’S TOTALLY OUT OF FOCUS!” Which is why it seems like a perfect metaphor for my past year. […]

Well, here we go again: It’s New Year’s Eve. And starting tomorrow, millions of people will resolve to be better—and do better—in the year ahead. I’m a big supporter of self-improvement. So if you’ve decided to lose weight or quit smoking or cut down on your drinking, I highly recommend I’m also a big […]

A clean slate


Ah, New Year’s Day. This morning, millions of people all over the world will vow to start over with a clean slate. While our resolutions may be culturally dictated to a certain extent—not everyone wants to lose weight—the desire to start over has been a constant throughout human history. Perhaps that’s why most religions have […]