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I was corresponding the other day with Joe at Seldom Seen Photography about the view from the top of Notre Dame cathedral (check out the last image of his beautiful post). It’s long been my favorite perch from which to survey — and photograph — Paris. But during my visit last September I was dismayed […]

Shortly before my recent trip to Paris I was surprised and honored to receive a note from Des Coulam, author of the wonderful Soundlandscapes blog. “I thought it would be great if we could do something together for joint publication on our blogs,” he wrote. Des’ idea was simple enough: I would choose a place […]

I went kicking and screaming, the first time I saw Paris. “Oh, come on,” said my husband. “You’ll love it!” But I was unconvinced. I’d heard the stereotypes — the French hate Americans; Parisians are fashion snobs; Paris is a filthy, stinky place — and I was intimidated by the language barrier. But Esteban ignored […]

I had dinner recently with my friend Craig, who will soon be visiting Paris for the first time. He’s a wonderful photographer and asked about ways of going beyond the usual “tourist” shots. I suggested an early-morning walk, when the streets are deserted and the light is soft. I hope my photos and custom-created tour […]

I adore my friend Laurice for a million different reasons. She’s smart, cool, funny, kind, a wonderful mom, and an unbelievable cook. She’s also incredibly creative and generous — and I’m always grateful when I’m on the receiving end of her creativity and generosity. Such was the case a few months ago, when she surprised […]

I woke up at 4:30 this morning after only three hours’ sleep. It’s weird: Almost every time I come to Paris, I eventually get so exhausted that I actually become a bit hyper. This morning I channeled my extra energy into a long pre-dawn walk. The very first thing I saw was a discarded cigarette […]

A few months ago I chuckled at the discovery that someone had stumbled upon my blog by Googling “berets for dogs in Paris.” I had every intention of researching the topic and writing about it, but, well, you know what they say about the road to hell and good intentions and all that. So it […]

Shortly after Esteban and I arrived in Paris last week, we had the tremendous pleasure of meeting my blogger friend Corey Frye. He was as charming and smart and witty as his A French Frye in Paris blog had suggested, so I was very excited to meet up with him again this evening for a […]

Sometimes the pursuit of one journey leads to an entirely different adventure. Such was the case today when Esteban and I headed to the Gare du Nord and Gare de L’Est to make some train reservations. Both train stations lie just a couple of miles north of our apartment, so we decided to walk home […]

Paris panoramas


To my faithful readers: Are you sick of Paris yet?! I hope not … because I’m still sorting through my photos. Today’s project—between violent coughing fits—was pulling together the panoramas I shot for my friends at A few of these shots are composites of several frames. Others are crops of full-frame photos. But all […]

I woke up to heavy rain this morning, and to the sad realization that my Paris adventure is nearing its end. I left the apartment in a melancholy mood. Part of me was sad to be leaving Paris. Part of me was homesick and lonely. And the weather wasn’t helping. But then I spotted this […]

Lazy Sunday


I woke up to overcast skies and an intermittent, sputtering rain. I decided to skip my planned day in the gardens of Versailles and stay in town. Sunday mornings in Paris are lazy. The city wakes up slowly to hundreds of church bells announcing mass. Neighbors have long chats on the sidewalk as they head […]