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This is my fourth post in series about the unexpected historical connections that abound in Paris. See the past three days’ posts for other clues — or tune in on Sunday for the full story. The Place de la Concorde is not only Paris’ largest public square, but arguably its most historic. Its name changes […]

For the first time in my life, I’ve entered a photo contest. I know I don’t stand a chance in the PX3. (Last year’s overall winner was Howard Schatz.) But I decided recently that—to grow as a photographer—I’ve got to take a chance. So tonight I submitted some of my favorite images from 2010. In […]

Earlier this summer, I wrote that all art is in some way derivative. I was reminded of that post when this week’s issue of Time arrived. Tim O’Brien’s cover illustration of Sarah Palin “in progress” ignited a spark of recognition. I’d seen a similar image before—and I knew exactly when and where. Here’s a snapshot […]

According to the screen on the airplane, I’m at 33,500 feet over the Atlantic Ocean. I can’t quite believe that my adventure is drawing to a close. It has been an extraordinary two weeks. My only regret is that it flew by so quickly. When I set off on September 9, I felt a little […]

Esteban’s dad wanted me to himself this morning, so I met him after breakfast. I’d planned a historic walk I thought he might enjoy, but instead we ended up at the public market so he could take some photos. I didn’t mind. It was pretty damned picturesque. After the market, we had time only for […]