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This is my fourth post in series about the unexpected historical connections that abound in Paris. See the past three days’ posts for other clues — or tune in on Sunday for the full story. The Place de la Concorde is not only Paris’ largest public square, but arguably its most historic. Its name changes […]

I went kicking and screaming, the first time I saw Paris. “Oh, come on,” said my husband. “You’ll love it!” But I was unconvinced. I’d heard the stereotypes — the French hate Americans; Parisians are fashion snobs; Paris is a filthy, stinky place — and I was intimidated by the language barrier. But Esteban ignored […]

“What to do last day Paris” is among the most common (and most syntax-challenged) searches on HBlog. I’ll have to post my suggestions one of these days. But for now, I’ll just stick to what Esteban and I did on OUR last day in Paris. I’ll start at the beginning—the part where I pity my […]