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The past week has brought a palpable shift toward spring to Minnesota. Yes, it’s still snowing. But instead of plunging below zero after each snowstorm — as is typical between late December and February — now we’re inching above freezing during the day. This has enticed me to spend a lot more time outside. Last […]

‘Snow problem


Esteban and I had excellent timing in leaving our house for a condo, it seems: This winter has been among the coldest and snowiest I remember in a long time. It’s been wonderful not to worry about shoveling, or parking restrictions, or raking snow off the roof. Still, I did feel a bit guilty this […]

My friend Tom (aka., “The Blogfodder”) sent me a wonderful email today: “Nothing new here, but timely nonetheless,” he wrote. He was referring to, a website for city dwellers in need of inner peace. The post about Chicago especially caught my eye. Chicago usually gets walloped by whatever crappy weather passes through Minneapolis. So—given […]