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One of the things I love about living in the Twin Cities is the lakes: There’s nothing like an early-morning walk along the water to start the day. Usually my lakeside walks are brisk and purposeful—and that was my intent yesterday morning as I set off toward Como Lake in search of some exercise. What […]

I’ve been in a bit of a photographic slump lately. So when my friend Jane asked for help with her new camera, I felt like an utter fraud in suggesting a photo safari. I didn’t expect to shoot much when we met up at the Como Conservatory in St. Paul last Saturday: My purpose was […]

A while back I gave my friend Tom (aka., “The Blogfodder”) a live-music recording I’d made during my recent travels. “Not keen on the faux Celtic accent,” wrote Tom. “There’s an undertone of guttural that clashes dully.” So I wasn’t entirely surprised on Monday when Tom brought me a copy of Maírtín de Cogaín’s album, […]

As a Minnesota resident, I’m keenly aware of life’s cyclical nature: Every three months the landscape changes from icy gray to spring’s baby green, to the fall’s rich red and gold. I enjoy Minnesota’s dramatic seasons. But what I truly love is the smaller, subtler shifts that pass most people by. During my walk around […]



Yes, a local radio personality actually used that word yesterday to describe the winter storm that is approaching the Twin Cities. I’m as excitable as the next person when it comes to winter storms—after all, it’s important to make sure that you have enough tea, soup, beer and cheese to survive until the plows dig […]

I walk around Como Lake at least once a week. Unlike some of the other Twin Cities lakes that attract hard-core runners and bikers, Como Lake is favored mostly by walkers and families. The mellower pace agrees with me—especially in the evenings, when the cool air and quiet spread like a blanket across the lake. […]

Think of all the cheesy “sisterhood” merchandise you’ve seen over the years. For me, those soft-focus greeting cards and laser-etched picture frames never quite ring true. Here’s what does resonate, though: Spending an afternoon with two great friends who just happen to be relatives. My sister R is in town this week. So this afternoon […]