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‘Snow problem


Esteban and I had excellent timing in leaving our house for a condo, it seems: This winter has been among the coldest and snowiest I remember in a long time. It’s been wonderful not to worry about shoveling, or parking restrictions, or raking snow off the roof. Still, I did feel a bit guilty this […]

Minneapolis has never held much mystique for me. Even the name — Minneapolis — suggests that the founding fathers didn’t expect much of their little mill town on the Mississippi. But as I’ve been working on some tourism materials over the past two weeks, I’ve found myself growing more curious about Minnesota’s biggest city. With […]

Almost fall


Old Main Street is one of my favorite spots in Minneapolis. Not only are the lots of rocky bluffs to scramble on (and occasionally fall off of), but there’s also lots of comparatively old architecture—and of course, there’s the river. The days are growing shorter so I’m feeling that seasonal urge to get out before […]