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I may have emitted an involuntary little squeal last month when I happened across this scene in Paris: a Citroën deux-chevaux in front of the Place des Vosges. Could it get any more classic? But that wasn’t the first frame I shot. My first frame was an unimaginative, wide-angle snapshot. I take a lot of […]

It’s been almost six months since Esteban’s and my big trip, but we’ve been so busy that I haven’t dug any further into my photos than the 16 I posted last October. But two things happened last week that inspired me to drag out the ol’ hard drive: 1. I saw this wonderful piece at […]

Yesterday I wrote about the impact one’s choice of lodging can have on a trip — and about the unexpected joys of occasionally staying further afield. Such was the case in the beautiful little city of Freiburg im Breisgau, which lies in the foothills of Germany’s Schwartzwald (Black Forest). You need not be a cartographer […]

“We’ve made a huge mistake,” I thought as our train sped down the Rhine Valley. The three nights in Bruges already seemed like a distant memory, and we’d barely scratched the surface after two days in Cologne. Yet here we sat, already on our way to Heidelberg. The fuzzy landscape became a visual metaphor. There […]

We were sad to leave Bruges this morning. I have so many little stories to share (like watching the movie In Bruges last night … in Bruges). But because I’m on a bouncy train — and because I don’t have time to construct a cohesive narrative — here’s a loosely structured list of The Top 10 […]

Because I love travel and photography, friends often ask for travel-photography advice. I’m always happy to help, even if I feel like a fraud: I’ve never taken a formal photography class, nor have I mastered even the basics. Still, here are some ideas I’ve picked up along the way — with a special shout out […]

Shortly before my recent trip to Paris I was surprised and honored to receive a note from Des Coulam, author of the wonderful Soundlandscapes blog. “I thought it would be great if we could do something together for joint publication on our blogs,” he wrote. Des’ idea was simple enough: I would choose a place […]

I fully intended to blog every day, during my most recent (and tenth) trip to Paris. But the days were so full — and the nights so short — that I hardly had time to edit my photos, let alone write. More than any of my other previous visits, this trip to Paris felt like […]

Every year, one of the companies I write for puts out a calendar for its representatives. And every year, the calendar rakes in a bunch of awards for everything from the concept and design to the color reproduction. So when the art director suggested last year that we “pitch” the idea of an all-Munro-photo calendar, […]

In some ways, 2012 has been one of my worst years yet. But in many others it’s also been one of my best. Here are a few of my happy photographic memories — along with my wishes for a very happy, very healthy year ahead. Cheers! In January, we rang in the new year with […]

It’s now been three months since I returned from Venice, and I’m still sorting through my photos. But here’s the second installment of what I have so far. Missed the first? Check out The Life Aquatic. Today, Venice is a mere shadow of her former beauty. Centuries of tides and sea water have taken their […]

I’ve barely posted a word about Venice since I returned two months ago — because I’m still sorting through my photos. But over the next few days I’ll give you a guided mini-tour of what I have so far. Here’s the first installment. It’s improbable that Venice should exist at all: The city is literally […]

Yesterday I wrote about a photography technique I played with during my last trip to Europe. Called “composite photography,” it basically consists of shooting several frames and then stitching them together to create a single image. It’s very handy when you’re in a tiny enclosed space — or when the subject is too big to […]

Have you ever raised your camera to snap some sweeping vista — or maybe a cramped interior — only to discover that it won’t fit in a single frame? Happens to me all the time. I used to mutter naughty words and curse myself for not having a wider lens. Until one day, it occurred […]

On July 4 I gave myself a simple assignment: photograph 50 random strangers. The idea was to document what an ordinary American looks like. But then it got really hot — and I got really lazy — so I didn’t shoot a single frame. Independence Day has long since passed, but the idea has continued […]

I’ve been home for more than a month, but I’m still sorting through the photos from my last vacation. I hope you won’t mind an occasional trip back to Europe as I get caught up. Today’s post is about the Münster in Freiburg, Germany. Whenever I visit a new city — particularly a European city […]

In his wonderful book Paris to the Moon, Adam Gopnik returns over and over again to the Luxembourg Gardens. And with good reason: This park is one of Paris’ most beautiful, most popular public spaces. Esteban and I ended up there today by default. We’d planned on getting out of town — maybe to Chartres, […]

A few months ago I chuckled at the discovery that someone had stumbled upon my blog by Googling “berets for dogs in Paris.” I had every intention of researching the topic and writing about it, but, well, you know what they say about the road to hell and good intentions and all that. So it […]

Shortly after Esteban and I arrived in Paris last week, we had the tremendous pleasure of meeting my blogger friend Corey Frye. He was as charming and smart and witty as his A French Frye in Paris blog had suggested, so I was very excited to meet up with him again this evening for a […]

Esteban got up uncharacteristically early this morning: His train to Amsterdam was leaving at 11, and he hadn’t yet packed. “Why are we doing this?” I asked as he finished packing. It seemed like a good idea at the time, when I’d proposed we spend a week doing our own thing … After he left, […]